How EA botched Apex Legends Mobile

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APEX LEGENDS, A title that reimagined and revolutionized the battle royale genre.The decision to adapt the game for mobile should have been a game changer, especially when the mobile market was booming. But a game with one, if not the most critically acclaimed launch in the history of mobile shooters, is now doomed. EA has decided to sunset the game after just months of its global launch. What were the blunders EA had committed that led to this endgame?

How EA botched Apex Legends Mobile

Launch and Marketing

The release of the game was first announced in May 2019. But it was not until 2022, a whole 3 years was spent polishing the game before a global release. By that time, EA was in a good spot to give the game a grand opening. But what we saw was the game’s lackluster marketing strategy.

EA roped in the biggest name that you can think of - Mr Beast. However, a creator of that size has a large and varying audience and it’s hard to reach a specific core audience through them. And the results are there for everyone to see. The platform was the Mr Beast Gaming channel which primarily has content around Mine craft which made it difficult for Apex Legends Mobile to stand out. 

The response from South Asia, which is known to be the biggest BR market outside of China, was utterly poor. And the handful of streamers that did give it a try quit within a day. In a region where mobile shooters have done so well, this lack of effort seemed surprising. And with a game like Apex, where the mechanics are more than just shooting it was important for the publisher to help players transition.

Optimization Issues

Players who were ahead in terms of in-game knowledge, soon figured out numerous bugs and glitches. For example, the infamous bunny hopping that created a huge skill gap between newcomers and pro players, basically making them untouchable. And as the active player count was relatively lower, new players would often get matched with pros and soon uninstall the game due to frustration caused by repeated losses.

Lack of Variety

As seasons progressed, updates kept getting slower. The bugs and exploits persisted. The removal of the fan-favorite - World's Edge was another setback. Kings Canyon just couldn't deliver the same level of excitement and players were stuck playing the map for 3 months. Overall, there was a lack of content in the game for players to keep coming back to and that led to the downfall of the title.

What's Next ?

In EA's defense, its representatives have commented that the lack of casual player retention have forced them to make such a hard decision. But they also quoted that they are not canceling Apex Mobile entirely. While it has been shelved for now, there are rumors that it will be released later to cater to a larger audience. And with features like cross platform playing, this could be the new future of the game.

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