Scout Names Top 3 BGMI Teams & Tackles Best Player Topic

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Scout Speaks About Best Team and Best Player in BGMI


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Tanmay "Scout" Singh, a prominent name in the BGMI community, named his top three BGMI teams.
He also stated that all the top three teams have the potential to become the top team in the nation.
He also had some interesting takes on the discourse of who the best BGMI player is.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is not just a popular game in India but also a well-known esports title with multiple organizations competing to be crowned the best team. Among the prominent figures in the BGMI community is Tanmay "Scout" Singh, who is both an owner and a player for Team XSpark. He is also a streamer for S8UL Esports. Scout recently shared his opinion on the top three teams in BGMI esports during a livestream. He also shared his perspective on the best player in BGMI esports.

Scout Names His Best Three Teams in BGMI

During a recent livestream, when fans asked about the best team in India, Scout shared his views on the top three teams in BGMI esports. He said, ”For the best team, I would say Blind Esports, second would be Team Soul, and third, Gladiators Esports.” However, he emphasized that the rankings were not set in stone, as both Team Soul and Gladiators Esports have the potential to be the number one team. Nevertheless, for the time being, these were his top three choices.

Blind Esports has been showcasing its dominance since the game's return. The lineup, consisting of J Khush "Joker" Singh, Nakul "NakuL" Sharma, Mohammad "Manya" Raja, Manpreet "Rony" Singh, and Rudra "SPower," has been consistently performing well. Blind Esports emerged victorious in various tournaments, including the Villager Esports DOMIN8R Series, Upthrust Survivors Saga Season 2, Skyesports Champions Series, and Upthrust Esports Challengers Showdown. 

It also placed second in the Fight Night Pro Scrims. In terms of prize money alone, Blind Esports has bagged INR 22,75,000. It is worth noting that these above-mentioned statistics are only after the game's return. Before the game’s ban, Blind Esports' core players won the prestigious BGMI Masters Series in 2022. However, the core players were playing under the banner of Global Esports then.

Team Soul has also had its fair share of successes in BGMI esports after the game’s return. It secured second place in the Skyesports Champions Series and third place in the Villager Esports DOMIN8R Series. The current lineup of Team Soul consists of Sahil "Omega" Jakhar, Harsh "Goblin" Paudwal, Sohail "Hector" Shaikh, Akshat "AkshaT" Goel, with Naman "Neyo", while Amit Dubey serves as Team Soul’s coach. Team Soul's notable achievements include winning the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series - Season 1.

Scout’s third top team, Gladiators Esports, is a newly formed organization that boasts experienced players and promising talents. The lineup consists of Parth "DeltaPG" Garg, Justin "Justin" Nadar, Ammar "Destro" Khan, and a recent addition named "Shogun." It achieved second place in the Upthrust Esports Challengers Showdown and Upthrust Survivors Saga Season 2. Additionally, Gladiators Esports placed third in the Upthrust Esports Challengers Showdown.

Scout on the topic of BGMI’s best player

Scout believes that BGMI is a game that heavily relies on teamwork, making it challenging to single out one player as the best. He mentioned that even renowned players like Rudra "SPower" and Jonathan "JONATHAN" Amaral depend on the support of their teammates. According to Scout, BGMI is a team-based game where each player serves a different role. For example, an effective assaulter requires proper support from their team and accurate calls from the in-game leader. Further, he said that it was just his opinion and others' might differ.

With rumors about the highly anticipated BGIS Season 2 growing strong, fans are already excited and all eyes are on the players and their performance. Notably, Scout has expressed dedication from Team XSpark, promising to put in the hard work and effort required for success. The competition is sure to be fierce, and it will be interesting to witness which team ultimately emerges victorious and claims the top spot. It would also be quite interesting if one of the three teams Scout mentioned as his picks went on a winning streak.

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