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Team Soul's Harsh "Goblin" Paudwal Optimistic About Team's Future

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Harsh "Goblin" Paudwal acknowledged that Team Soul was going through a difficult phase.
Despite the team's current state, Goblin expressed optimism about their future performance.
Amit Dubey, the team's coach, revealed that they were experimenting with different compositions and strategies. They were actively searching for the most effective lineup that would bring out the best in each player.

In a recent live stream, Harsh "Goblin" Paudwal, a prominent esports athlete from Team Soul's Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) lineup, candidly addressed the team's current state. With unwavering optimism, Paudwal acknowledged the challenges the team was facing but expressed his belief in their ability to reclaim their former glory. Echoing his sentiments, Amit Dubey, the esteemed coach of Team Soul, also shared similar thoughts during his own livestream.

Goblin Shares His Insights on Team Soul

During the stream, Goblin provided valuable insights into the upcoming performances of each player in the team. The roster, consisting of Sahil "Omega" Jakhar, Harsh "Goblin" Paudwal, Sohail "Hector" Shaikh, Akshat "AkshaT" Goel, and Naman "Neyo," boasts remarkable talent, with Amit Dubey serving as their trusted coach. Despite the obstacles encountered, Goblin showcased an unwaveringly positive attitude, displaying a resolute determination to restore the team to its former glory. Goblin also emphasized that he did not believe any member of the team was underperforming.

Coach Amit Dubey disclosed that the team had been actively experimenting with different compositions and strategies to find the most effective lineup that would bring out the best in each player. Dubey emphasized that the final decision on the composition would only be made once the team felt confident and comfortable with their choice. Amit also revealed during his own livestream that each player had honed their skills with a specific weapon, enabling them to emerge victorious in four out of five fights. However, the introduction of the DBS shotgun had disrupted their odds.

Since the game's return, Team Soul has achieved commendable results, securing a remarkable second-place finish in the Skyesports Champions Series and an impressive third-place finish in the Villager Esports DOMIN8R Series. Nonetheless, Goblin stressed that the team required time to fully regain their former form. He expressed confidence in his ability to once again reach his peak performance, while reassuring fans that the entire team was diligently working toward this shared goal.

With their victory in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series - Season 1, Team Soul now finds themselves gearing up for the highly anticipated rumored BGIS season 2. As they embark on this new journey, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the team's resurgence and their relentless pursuit of greatness.

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