Blind Esports Continues To Shine in BGMI Esports


Blind Esports

Blind Esports Continues to Shine in BGMI Esports

Kavish Sheth
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Blind Esports lineup consists of Joker, NakuL, Manya, Rony, SPower, and SpyOp.
The team has won two of the three tournaments organized recently. Its winnings from both these tournaments totaled around INR 5,50,000.
Blind Esports is leading the semi-finals of Skyesports Championship Series 2023 currently.

Blind Esports is on the cusp of becoming a dominant force in the world of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports and is showing no signs of slowing down. With an impressive lineup consisting of J Khush “Joker” Singh, Nakul “NakuL” Sharma, Mohammad “Manya” Raja, Manpreet “Rony” Singh, Rudra “SPower” B, Aravind “SpyOp” Menon, Blind Esports has secured victories in two out of the three tournaments recently held. Notably, Blind’s cumulative winnings from these tournaments amounted to an impressive INR 5,50,000.

On a winning spree: Blind Esports dominates BGMI tournaments.

On 9th June, Blind Esports emerged victorious in the Villager Esports Domin8ter Series with an astonishing 74-point lead. Throughout the finals, it secured three chicken dinners, accumulating 60 position points and 101 finish points, resulting in a total of 161 points. Remarkably, all the players showcased their exceptional skills, with Manya claiming the title of MVP (most-valuable player).

Blind Esports’ winnings from this tournament amounted to a substantial INR 3,00,000, with an additional INR 50,000 awarded to Manya for his stellar performance.

During a post-tournament interview, Manya shared insights into the team’s success and stated that Blind Esports set targets before each match and executed the plans flawlessly. He added that the team is usually calm and composed even during intense fights. Rony highlighted the team’s ability to assign roles according to the situation, enabling each player to fulfill their designated tasks effectively. Meanwhile, Nakul attributed their outstanding performance to the team's dedication and extensive practice.

Blind Esports wins VE Domin8r series

Continuing its dominant run, Blind Esports added another achievement to its name by winning the Up Thrust Esports Survivors Saga Season 2 on 12th June. It amassed a remarkable 103 points in the finals, comprising 38 position points and 65 finish points, taking home INR 2,00,000.

Blind Esports wins UE Survivors Saga Season 2

Blind Esports' core members Jokerr, Manya, Nakul, and Rony were previously associated with Global Esports, where they achieved a significant milestone by winning the prestigious Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) in 2022. This LAN event was televised on TV, and the team’s prize money from the tournament reached an impressive INR 26,60,000. However, the trio later decided to part ways with Global Esports due to a mismatch in vision between the players and the organization.

As of now, Blind Esports maintains its dominance, leading the semi-finals of the ongoing Skyesports Championship Series 2023. With its eyes set on the grand finals, the team is poised to compete for a substantial prize pool of INR 25,00,000.

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