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Who Is Gods Reign?

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Gods Reign is among the few esports organizations in India that has fielded multiple rosters across various esports titles and has achieved success through them.
Gods Reign has been most successful in titles like BGMI and Counter Strike.

There are several esports organizations in India who have looked to make their mark in multiple esports titles. Not many have been successful in doing so but some of them have not only fielded rosters across various titles but they have also managed to achieve success through them. 

Gods Reign is one such esports organization in India that has rosters in various esports titles like Valorant, Pokemon Unite, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Counter Strike, FIFAe and PUBG New State Mobile.

Gods Reign has been able to show its prowess in all the titles across multiple events. Its BGMI team has shown significant improvement in recent times and was placed third for the 2023 BGMI season with a score of 61.17 in the AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings.

Gods Reign: BGMI Roster and Achievements

Gods Reign is a veteran esports organization in India who has achieved success across multiple esports titles. Its major achievements in recent times have come through titles like Counter Strike and BGMI. 

Gods Reign has fielded rosters in the esports scene since 2018. It has made a significant impact in BGMI and Counter Strike in recent times and has been crowned the champion of various Counter Strike tournaments. Gods Reign’s BGMI team has also dominated across various events like India vs Korea Invitational, BGMI India Series (BGIS) 2023, Skyesports Championship 5.0 and BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 2023.

Gods Reign BGMI roster 2024:

Robin “Robin” Singh Shekhawat was the squad's In Game Leader (IGL) for the events mentioned above and he played a major role in their success but has now been transferred to OR Esports.

Gods Reign bid farewell to its BGMI roster in December 2023 and signed the ex Gladiators Esports BGMI roster featuring Destro, Justin, DeltaPG and Shogun for the 2024 season. It also signed Vedzz from Orangutan as the Coach of its BGMI team.

These are Gods Reign’s BGMI team's results in some of the major events:

Gods Reign played Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 event to end the 2023 BGMI season but was unable to grab a spot in the LAN Grand Finals due to inconsistent performances in the league stages. One of its best performance was against Korean teams in the India - Korea Invitational BGMI event where it was placed second.

Gods Reign Ownership, Sponsors, and Other Info

Gods Reign is steered by its CEO, Rohith "KR". Complementing his role, Devam "Dev" serves as the Vice President of Esports Operations. Additionally, Kaushal "ItsKK" holds the position of Vice President of Operations and Finance. Hemanth Bhaskar serves as the Vice President of Public Relations and Communications.

Current Sponsors/Partners: DNA Networks, Timesooh. 

Social Media:

A while back Gods Reign’s CEO had alleged player poaching and revealed that one of their BGMI players was registered by another team for an upcoming tournament.

As of 25th January 2024 Gods Reign’s BGMI roster is placed at the 35th spot on the AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings because of its inconsistent performance across multiple third party BGMI events. 

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