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BGMI Community Taken Aback by Transfers Ahead of BMPS 2023

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BGMI teams have made multiple changes to their rosters ahead of BMPS 2023.
The most surprising transfer is that of Robin who has been transferred from Gods Reign to OR Esports. It is the most shocking one as the team had good results under his leadership in recent events.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 has started and the BGMI community has been taken by surprise at the amount of transfers taking place among the participating teams ahead of the official event.

Most of the well known teams in BGMI have made significant changes to their BGMI rosters ahead of the marquee event. With so many changes, fans are worried about the impact and consequences of such transfers on the teams’ performances.

Multiple roster shuffles ahead of BMPS 2023 surprise BGMI community

Roster shuffles and transfers are common in the esports scene. The changes take place due to various reasons like past performance, team combinations and future goals.

With the BMPS 2023 event around the corner well known BGMI teams have announced several changes that have been made to their rosters. Although only some of the changes are permanent most of them are loans where the players are expected to return to their old teams after the BMPS 2023 has concluded.

These are some of the roster changes that happened ahead of BMPS 2023:

  • Medal Esports has announced the release of Jaideep “kyoyaa” Mankar from its roster as he joins Big Brother Esports. It has also brought in Sayyam “Sayyam” Ostwal and Sheehan “Zeno” Chouhan for BMPS 2023.

  • Orangutan released its entire roster with Ashish “Ash”, Ankit “AKop” Shukla, Wizzgod and its coach Vedang “Vedzz” Chavan being loaned to Forest Apes and Shubham “Driger” Quiriyal being loaned to OR Esports.

  • Team 8Bit has collaborated with CS Esports and will field a six man roster for BMPS 2023. It will have two players Vishwas “Juicy” Battoo, Shubh “Mighty” from the previous 8Bit lineup and four players from the CS roster. It has also released Dhruv “Madman” Gaur who will be seen playing with the Hyderabad Hydras squad.

  • Marcos Gaming has let go of Sayyam and Dev “Spraygod” Malik. As mentioned above Sayyam will be playing for Medal Esports and Spraygod will be seen playing for Team X Spark.

  • OR Esports has also made changes to its lineup with the introduction of Driger from Orangutan and Secret from Entity. Secret will only be a stand-in for OR Esports in BMPS 2023 and can be expected to return after the event has concluded. It has also brought in Robin “Robin” Singh Shekhawat from Gods Reign to replace Gunjan “Jelly” Thakur as the In Game Leader (IGL) of the team.

The most surprising transfer among all the teams was Robin from Gods Reign to OR Esports as the team had good performances with him as the IGL. With Robin leading the squad Gods Reign had placed second in the India vs Korea Invitational. 

With so many players being transferred from one team to another, fans are worried about the performance of their favorite teams in the BMPS 2023 event. It will be interesting to see if the teams can maintain the same performance despite all the changes.

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