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How Does AFK Gaming’s Ranking System for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Work

Since BGMI's return in June 2023, AFK Gaming has been closely monitoring and recording the performance of various esports teams. Our system works by accumulating points for teams based on their performance in each tournament throughout the calendar year. By the end of the year, these points help us identify the top-performing team in the country.

However, it's important to note that with the start of a new year, we reset all points to zero. This ensures that every team has a fair and equal chance to prove themselves anew. The ranking table you see reflects the scores of each team, based on their recent performances in tournaments

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What is the Overall Leaderboard?
This comprehensive leaderboard presents the rankings of teams based on their performances across a wide array of events. It includes results from both tournaments hosted by Krafton, the game's developer, and those organized by third-party entities. This leaderboard offers a holistic view of each team's prowess and consistency in the competitive BGMI landscape, showcasing their ability to excel in diverse tournament settings.
What is the Official Leaderboard?
Focused exclusively on events hosted by Krafton, the Official Leaderboard is a key indicator of how teams fare in tournaments directly organized by the game's developers. This leaderboard is essential for evaluating team performances in what are often considered the most prestigious events in the BGMI ecosystem.
What is the Third-Party Tournament Leaderboard?
This leaderboard is dedicated to tracking the performances of teams specifically in events organized by third-party tournament organizers. It's a vital measure of how teams adapt and succeed in a variety of competitive formats and rules that may differ from official Krafton events.
What Factors Influence the Rankings in AFK Gaming's BGMI System?
The rankings in our BGMI system are influenced by a variety of factors, each playing a significant role in how teams are evaluated. Key considerations include the size of the prize pool, the nature of the event (such as whether it's a LAN event or not), and its association with specific organizers like Krafton. While these elements are crucial, there are additional subtle nuances and criteria that also contribute to the overall ranking process.
How Are Points Affected When a BGMI Roster Disbands?
In the event of a team roster disbanding, the ranking points remain with the original organization. These points are associated with the team/organization as an entity, not with individual players. Therefore, even if all members of a team leave to form a new organization, the points stay with the original team. The new organization formed by these players would start from zero in terms of points, regardless of the players' past performances with their former team.