Palworld Guide: How to Craft Nail and What Are Its Uses?


Palworld Guide: How to Craft Nail and What Are Its Uses?

Surya Kumar
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Nails are used to build numerous structures and items all the way to the end-game stages.
This guide will provide you with all the requirements to farm Nails while also explaining how to automate the entire process.

Palworld’s immersive environment provides the player with a humongous amount of resources that can be used to build various structures and enhance their settlements. While basic materials like Rock, Wood, Ore, etc., prove to be sufficient in the early stages of the game, you need to produce new resources yourself to step into Palworld’s mid-stages. Nail is one such processed material, crucial for crafting various mid to late-game items like Assembly Lines, Weapon Workbenches, Weapons, Beds, and more. Without further ado, here’s how you can make an abundance of Nails in Palworld.

How to Craft Nails in Palworld?

Unlike most other items, Nails needs to be manufactured at your base and it cannot be obtained as drops from other Pals. Firstly, you must reach level 10 in the Technology Tree and spend 1 Tech point to unlock its schematics. Once you’ve acquired the recipe, you need the following raw materials  and structures to craft it:

  • Primitive Furnace

  • Primitive Workbench

  • Ore

tech tree nail

While you will already own the workbench, you will also need to unlock the Primitive Furnace which is also available at level 10. You need to spend 3 Tech points to acquire its schematics and you need the following resources to build one:

  • X3 Flame Organ

  • X20 Wood

  • X50 Stone

tech tree furnace

While wood and stone are basic resources found anywhere, Flame Organs are obtained from Fire-type Pals such as Foxparks, found just outside the Plateau of Beginnings spawn point at Grassy Behemoth Hills, Small Settlement, Desolate Church teleport points.

Once you’ve constructed your Primitive Furnace, you need to collect Ore, which can be mined from boulders around your base. While you can efficiently excavate them using a pickaxe, you can also assign Mining Pals such as  Cattiva, Lovander, Fuddler, etc, to perform the job for you.

Once you’ve acquired an abundance of Ore, you need to deposit them into the Primitive Furnace and assign a Pal with Kindling suitability such as Foxparks, Bushi, Faleris, Pyrin Noct, etc., to turn it into Ingots. These must then be turned into Nails using the Primitive Workbenhc. One piece of Ingot will produce 2 Nails.

To automate the process, you need to assign Pals with Mining, Kindling, Handiwork, and Transporting suitabilities to acquire Ore, smelt them into an Ingot, craft the Nails on a workbench, and then deposit it into a nearby chest. At the early to mid-game stage, these would be Pals like Cattiva, Penking, Foxparks, Incineram, Lovander, etc.

What Items Can You Craft Using Nails in Palworld?

As mentioned earlier, Nails are used in creating a huge number of items in Palworld. They range from structures like Beds, Lamps, Wardrobes, Bookshelves, Assembly Lines, and Workbenches to weapons such as Crossbows, Mounted Machine Guns, Mounted Missile launchers, etc. Here are some of the most notable items:

  • Large Toolbox

  • Locker

  • Sphere Workbench

  • Wooden Shelf

  • Sphere Assembly Line

  • Weapon Assembly Line

  • Production Assembly Line

  • Refined Metal Chest

  • Fine Bed

  • High-Quality Workbench

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