Can You Capture and Sell the Black Marketeer in Palworld?


Can You Capture and Sell the Black Marketeer in Palworld?

Surya Kumar
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The Palworld community has uncovered a new exploit that allows players to capture the Blackmarketeer and sell him back to himself, essentially purchasing his own ticket to purgatory.
Players need to maintain impeccable timing to execute this bug, as failing means the level 40 Black Marketeer will unleash his minigun upon you.

Apart from its exotic creatures, the Palpagos Islands are also home to numerous human NPCs, including yourself. As you embark on various adventures, you will stumble upon various characters, a notable one being the Black Marketeer, who provides a more clandestine approach to trading Pals and other items. While buying and selling prohibited creatures are intriguing enough, many players are claiming that you can exploit a bug in the game to capture the shady dealer himself, and shockingly, sell him for a hefty sum of Gold. Let’s cut to the chase and uncover all the details of this alluring bug.

New Exploit Allows Players to Sell the Black Marketeer to Himself

Community members belonging to the Palworld Subreddit have uncovered numerous exploits in the past, such as flying to the Giant Tree on the edge of Palworld’s map. Continuing this trend, a user who goes by @zerotheskull posted a clip where he captures the elusive Black Marketeer and in a bizarre turn of events, sells the character back to himself for 3,750 Gold. This astonished several gamers who were left in disbelief, province once again that Palworld is filled with unexpected events waiting to be discovered.

To successfully execute this exploit, all you need to do is locate one of the 14 Black Marketeers in the Palpagos and throw the highest quality Pal Sphere you’ve got at them. You need to immediately open up the buy or sell menu to interact with the Black Marketeer, who has now vanished into thin air. Keep in mind that the timing is key here and if you fail to execute it properly, you will be greeted with the level 40 Black Marketeer wielding a Mini Gun ready to unleash upon you.

While this is undeniably a shockingly hilarious bug, there are also other ways to take advantage of the Black Marketeer once you’ve captured him. You can head back to your base and place him there which eliminates the need to wander out into the world if you wish to purchase prohibited Pals. He will refresh his inventory and carry out his function as usual.

Beyond that, you can also butcher the Black Marketeer using the Meat Cleaver and receive a substantial sum of 10,000 to 15,000 Gold along with a Gold Key used to unlock elusive Red Chests found scattered throughout the world. Some players even claim that the Black Marketeer found beside the Dunesheler teleport point in the Dessicated Desert yields an even greater reward, dropping over 30,000 Gold and 2 to 3 Gold Keys after being killed. 

However, it is worth noting that these claims remain unverified. There are also rumors that the Black Marketeer will respawn after using the fast travel points and returning to the area. If true, this could possibly be one of the most lucrative ways to effectively farm Gold in Palworld.

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