Meat Cleaver in Palworld: Here’s How You Can Butcher Your Own Pals


Meat Cleaver in Palworld: Here’s How You Can Butcher Your Own Pals

Surya Kumar
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Palworld features a butchering system where players can chop up even their beloved Pals using the Meat Cleaver.
You need to have the Meat Cleaver equipped and head into the Pal Command wheel, select the option on the top which says “Butcher (Name of Pal)”.

While most gamers generally regard Palworld as ‘Pokemon with guns’, little do they know that the game also allows players to choose a dark and destructive path, a stark contrast from the wholesome and friendly nature associated with Pokemon. One such mechanic is the butchering system present in the game, allowing you to mercilessly butcher both hostile and your own beloved Pals with a Meat Cleaver in exchange for loot and food resources like meat. Without further ado, let’s jump right in and figure out how to craft this menacing weapon.

How to Craft the Meat Cleaver in Palworld?

The Meat Cleaver can be obtained fairly earlier in the game at Technology Tree level 12. You will need 2 Tech points to unlock its schematics and it can be crafted on a Primitive Workbench using the following materials:

  • X5 Ingots

  • X20 Wood

  • X5 Stone

meat cleaver requirements

While stone and Wood can be obtained from breaking boulders and chopping down trees, Ingots require a slightly more dedicated process where you must collect Ores from copper-like rocks and smelt it in a Primitive Furnace using a Pal with the Kindling Suitability such as Foxparks, Kitsun, Pyrin, etc. If you have access to Pals like Incineram and Bushi, they will essentially perform the job for you, thanks to their mining and kindling abilities.  

Butchering Pals with the Meal Cleaver in Palworld

Once the Meat Cleaver is crafted, you can use it as a weapon to slash any hostile Pals and even other humans like members of the Syndicate and PIDF soldiers. As mentioned before, you can also head into the Pal command wheel by pressing ‘4’ (on PC) or RS (on Xbox) and selecting the option on the top which says “Butcher (Name of Pal)”.

pal command wheel

Following this, a short sequence where your character pulls out the Cleaver and chops down their beloved Pal plays out. Thankfully, this animation is blurred out, presumably to comply with the game's Teen rating. The practical use of carrying out this butchery is to quickly get rid of abundant Pals when you cannot find a Black Marketeer or Pal Merchant nearby.

Furthermore, the game also allows you to butcher Alpha Pals, providing you with more loot compared to just defeating them. Whenever you capture / knockout / Butcher a Pal, a loot table will be rolled, meaning the process of butchering essentially rolls the table twice. Additionally, Palworld knows no limits, allowing you to even butcher other human beings turning you into an in-game serial killer. It even rewards you with regular loot like Bread and Gold Coins for committing such a heinous act.

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