Kitsun in Palworld: Spawn Location, Uses, Breeding Combinations, and More


Kitsun in Palworld: Spawn Location, Uses, Breeding Combinations, and More

Surya Kumar
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Kitsun is a rare Fire-type Pal that acts as an excellent combat companion, thanks to its diverse ranged attacks.
Using Kitsun as a mount also provides a significant advantage, as you will not be affected by Hot or Cold temperatures, thanks to its Clear Mind skill.
Apart from its Level 2 Kindling Suitability, players can also obtain Leather and Flame Organs as drops from it.

Palworld’s enticing environment is filled with over 110 Pals, each with their own distinct skills and powers. You can use them for various purposes around your base or even take them along as companions on your adventures. While most creatures are relatively easy to capture, getting hold of the Fire elemental Pal, Kistun can be quite the hassle and many players seem to have trouble locating it on the map. Worry not, as this guide will help you find their spawn region along with its uses, breeding combinations, and more.

Where Can You Spot Kitsun in Palworld?

As mentioned above, finding Kitsun on Palpagos Island can be quite challenging. This is because, many players are not aware that it is a nocturnal being, meaning you can only capture them during the night.


If you head out into the Frostbound Mountains in the dark, you will find these creatures roaming around or resting in the snowy region. These mountains are located in the northern part of the map and the closest fast travel point is the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance. This rare Fire-type Pal can be difficult to capture and we recommend that you reach at least player level 20 before attempting to throw Pal Spheres at them. You can also take a Water-type Pal such as Relaxaurus, Peking, etc, to further increase your odds.

Once captured, Kitsun stands out as an outstanding companion thanks to its combat abilities and its Clear Mind skill, allowing you to ride it without being affected by hot or cold weather. It can be upgraded all the way up to level 50, unlocking potent attacks such as Flare Storm, Ignis Rage, and Fire Ball, which allows you to deal significant damage to your opponents even during ranged combat.

Breeding Combinations for Kitsun in Palworld

  • Penking + Rushroar

  • Celeray + Arsox

  • Rooby + Peking

  • Gunmoss + Nitewing

  • Fuddler + Mossandra

  • Tanzee + Nitewing

  • Gunmoss + Mossandra

Here are Kitsun’s base stats (Paldeck No 061):

  • HP: 100

  • Defense: 100

  • Food: 4

  • Melee / Attack: 70 / 115

  • Work Speed: 100

kitsun paldeck

While it is an excellent combat companion, it only has one Kindling Level 2 Suitability, allowing you to light up campfires for cooking and also automating the Furnaces for making items like Ingots. To make up for this, it drops Flame Organs and Leather, which are crucial resources until the mid-game stage.

With Kistun in your breeding farm, you can also spawn numerous exotic Pals such as:

  • Mau + Kistun = Rooby

  • Astegon + Kitsun = Shadowbeak

  • Melpaca + Kitsun = Broncherry

  • Sparkit + Kitsun = Leezpunk

Those are pretty much everything you need to know about Kitsun in Palworld. Do note that some of the breeding combinations were provided by Game8’s breeding calculator.

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