Blazehowl in Palworld: Habitats, Stats, Breeding Combos, Skills, and More


Blazehowl in Palworld: Habitats, Stats, Breeding Combos, Skills, and More

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The Blazehowl is a potent Ground Mount that allows you to traverse through the harsh biomes of Palpagos.
Its combat skills are further enhanced by its passive abilities such as Ferocious, Burly Body, and Flame Emperor.
You can also find its nocturnal hybrid named the Blazehowl Noct in the surrounding areas of Mount Obsidian at night.

Palworld’s diverse biomes encompass over 130 Pals, each belonging to one of nine different elemental types that determine their powers and skill sets. While most players only focus on obtaining flying mounts, they fail to realize that the game offers potent Ground mounts such as the Fire-elemental Blazehowl, allowing you to ride the harsh regions of the Palpagos with relative ease. 

Besides its traversal skills, this Fire Pal also serves as a powerful companion in your party, thanks to its high-damage combat powers like Ignis Rage and Fire Ball. Without further ado, let’s delve into Blazehowl’s spawn locations, hybrid variants, breeding combinations, and more.

Where Is Blazehowl’s Habitat in Palworld?

Blazehowl can be obtained from the Northern part of the volcanic region of Mount Obsidian. You need to teleport to the Ruined Fortress City teleport point and head directly to the west to find an abundance of these Pals. You will also find plenty of them near the Beach of Everlasting Summer fast travel point. Make sure you carry effective weapons along with Heat Resistant Armor as this region can burn you due to its extreme heat.

blazehowl habitat

Additionally, you can also find Alpha bosses of Blazehowl inside Cavern of Dunes dungeons in desert biomes. To counter all versions of Blazehowls, you need to carry a Water-type Pal such as a Relaxaurus, Azurobe, Suzaku Aqua, etc., as this Fire Pal is weaker against them. You will also find its hybrid variant, the Blazehowl Noct in the outer regions of Mount Obsidian during the night.

Once you’ve successfully captured Blazehowl, you get access to its Hellflame Lion partner skill, which increases the amount of loot dropped after defeating Grass-type Pals. To unlock the Blazehowl’s ability as a ground mount, you need to craft its saddle, which unlocks at level 32. Here are the required materials to craft one:

  • X30 Leather

  • X50 Fiber

  • X20 Flame Organ

  • X30 Ingot

  • X30 Paldium Fragments

Breeding Combinations for Blazehowl in Palworld

Combining the opposite genders of the following Pals will produce a Large Scorching Egg which must then be placed in an Incubator to hatch a Blazehowl offspring.

  • Surfent + Celaray

  • Penking + Dumud

  • Cinnamoth + Caprity

  • Melpaca + Penking

  • Eikthyrdeer + Cinnamoth

Here are the base stats of Blazehowl (Paldeck No 084):

  • HP: 105

  • Defense: 80

  • Melee: 100

  • Shot Attack: 100

  • Food: 7

  • Drops: Flame Organ

  • Alpha Boss Drops: Ancient Civ Parts, Precious Claw, Ring of Flame Resistance

Blazehowl paldeck

Apart from its combat prowess, the Blazehowl is also equipped with Kindling Level 3 and Lumbering Level 2 suitabilities, used to cook food and work on furnaces, logging sites, etc.

Furthermore, you can use Blazehowl to produce Pals such as:

  • Mossanda + Blazehowl = Anubis

  • Elizabee + Blazehowl = Penking

  • Celaray + Blazehowl = Arsox

  • Felbat + Blazehowl = Blazehowl Noct

  • Sweepa + Blazehowl = Surfent

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Blazehowl in Palworld. Note that the breeding combinations were provided by Game8’s breeding calculator.

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