Here Are the Best Water-Type Pals for Each Phase in Palworld


Here Are the Best Water-Type Pals for Each Phase in Palworld

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Pals equipped with Water-elemental powers are capable of working on the Crusher and Mill at your base, along with watering all of your crops.
Suzaku Aqua, Relaxaurus, Broncherry Aqua, Peking, and Pengullet are arguably the best early and mid-game Water Pals.

The vast biomes of Palpagos Islands are home to various types of creatures called Pals. Apart from their unique traits and abilities, the Pals also belong to one of nine different elemental types that grant them active combat and partner skills depending on their chosen element.

An example of this is the Water-type Pals, which serve various functions such as running your Mill and Crusher, watering your crops, serving as swimming mounts, etc. If you are looking forward to capturing or breeding one of these, here are the best aquatic Pals and their locations for each phase in Palworld.

The Best Water-Type Pals and Their Locations for Each Phase in Palworld

Best Water-Type Pals in the Early Game Stage

If you are just beginning your Palworld adventures, you’ve got access to these three Pals:

  • Fuack

  • Pengullet

  • Teafant

All three of these Pals can be found in the Windswept Hills, West of the Plateau of Beginnings spawn point. Fuack and Pengullet are found in the direct north and southern directions from Desolate Church and Small Settlement teleport points respectively.

early game pals

Teafant on the other hand can be acquired from the northeastern Fort Ruins fast travel point and also at the Windswept Hills Flying Fish Coast. While all of these Pals have level 1 watering suitability, Pengullet is the most versatile out of them, possessing 3 other suitabilities to its advantage, followed closely by Fuack with two other work skills. Teafant on the other hand, is solely dedicated to watering alone.

Best Water-Type Pals in the Mid-Game Stage

After learning the ropes and progressing to the mid-stages of Palworld, you need to hunt down the following Water Pals:

All of these Pals are equipped with level 2 watering suitability, however, the Relaxurus has made it into the list due to potent combat powers, and the Surfent for its ability to serve as a water mount. Gobfin is essentially an improved version of the early game water Pals and Penking is the most versatile worker from the lot, as it possesses 4 other level 2 suitabilities such as handiwork, Transporting, Mining, and Cooling.

mid game pals

Gobfin can be obtained from the large Verdant Brook grasslands at the aptly named Gobfin’s Turf teleport point. The Surfent is found on Bamboo Groves Island in a lake located south of the Investigator’s Fork fast travel point. You can also spot them in the backwaters near the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster teleport point. Relaxaurus can also be found in the Southern part of Bamboo Groves accessible through the Ravine Entrance and Ascetic Falls teleport points.

Once you’ve acquired the Surfent, you need to head to the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary to capture the Penking. You can also combine the opposite genders of Cinnamoth and Surfent to obtain the same.

Best Water-Type Pals for the Late Game Stage

Once you’ve mastered the various mechanics present in Palworld, you need to acquire the following Water Pals to further build your Paldeck:

  • Broncherry Aqua = Fuack + Broncherry (Huge Verdant Egg)

  • Suzaku Aqua = Jormuntide + Suzaku (Huge Damp Egg)

  • Elphidran Aqua = Surfent + Elphidran (Huge Dragon Egg)

Considering that all of these are hybrid aquatic versions of other elemental Pals, you will not find them anywhere in the wild, except for their Alpha Boss versions. They must be obtained through the game’s breeding system to take advantage of their watering level 3 suitability. The opposite genders of the aforementioned Pals must be combined in the Breeding Farm to produce eggs which then need to be placed into the Incubator to produce these offspring.

The Best Watering Pal in Palworld

If you are looking for the best Watering Pal in the game, known for its outstanding combat proficiency, Watering level 4 suitability, and its ability to be the fastest water mount in the game, look no further than the giant sea serpent Jormuntide. This Pal is only found as a level 45 Alpha Boss in the wild in two different locations. 

The first is located south of the Investigator’s Fork teleport point on Bamboo Groves in a lake (-176, -258). The other Alpha Pal is located on the northeast side of Verdant Brook. You need to fast travel to Mossanda Forest and head towards the sea (351, -85) to the right.

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