This Palworld Glitch Allows You to Infinitely Farm Loot From Your Pals Without Butchering Them!


This Palworld Glitch Allows You to Infinitely Farm Loot From Your Pals Without Butchering Them!

Surya Kumar
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A player from the Palworld Subreddit posted a clip showcasing the glitch that exploits the butchering mechanics in the game.
Many players are taking full advantage of this exploit to farm Legendary Schematics that are otherwise only obtainable by taking down Alpha Bosses of Legendary Pals.
Using this glitch seems to be the only way to farm valuable resources and schematics without slaughtering your beloved Pals.

Regardless of Palworld’s monumental success, it is undeniably true that Pocketpair’s early-access title needs to be polished and refined to provide players with an immersive Pal-catching experience. While the devs have already started to work on their promised roadmap, players are still finding certain exploits within the game, thanks can be leveraged to bypass the challenges present in Palworld. 

A new glitch involving the Pal butchering system has been found, allowing gamers to endlessly farm all available drops such as resources and schematics, without actually killing your beloved Pals. Without further ado, let’s delve into how it works and its requirements.

New Loot Farm Glitch Works by Mounting Your Pal Before the Butchering Animation Ends

Reddit user @yashpwmnz posted his gameplay showcasing this bug on the official Palworld Subreddit, which soon gained enormous traction from fans who shared mixed opinions on the matter. All you need to do is equip the Meat Cleaver and select the “Butcher (name of the Pal)” option from the Pal wheel menu. 

Right before the butchering process ends, you need to click on the key that lets you mount your Pal, which seems to abruptly stop the slaughter and keeps your beloved Pal alive and well. As you already know, slaughtering a Pal will roll the loot table twice, providing you valuable schematics and loot that is not acquired if the Pal is captured or knocked out. 

Although the Frostallion glitches and falls through the ground, the game will allow you to spawn it by removing it from your party and by throwing the Pal Sphere again. One thing to keep in mind is that the timing is extremely crucial to execute it, as pressing the mounting option too early would not grant you the loot, and pressing it too late might not cancel the butchering process, which means you cannot retrieve your prized Pals again.

The OP mentions that players must mount their Pals 2 to 3 seconds after their second butcher strike to successfully leverage this bug. As mentioned earlier, any Pal that drops underneath the map, must simply have their Pal Spheres dropped and picked up to get rid of the issue. Following this post, numerous fans commented that using this glitch would eliminate the need to traverse through the harsh biomes of Palpagos to acquire Legendary Schematics, as they can now obtain it from previously captured Legendary Pals.

While we already know that this glitch will eventually get patched, players are taking full advantage of it to gather valuable resources while also saving countless Pals from being butchered against their wills. It only raises the question of farming resources from other human NPCs, as the game grants the freedom to commit such a heinous act.

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