6 New Unreleased Pals Spotted by Eagle-eyed Palworld Player!

6 New Unreleased Pals Spotted by Eagle-eyed Palworld Player!

Surya Kumar
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One hawk-eyed player has spotted 6 new unreleased Pals through data mining efforts.
At the time of writing, there has been no official confirmation regarding the release date of these new Pals.

Pocketpair’s Palworld has taken numerous strides in the gaming industry since its release, combining gameplay elements from several game genres with a thrilling monster-catching experience, captivating over 19 million gamers worldwide. The game has over 130 creatures for players to capture, befriend, or defeat. Known as Pals, these creatures add life to the various regions of the Palpagos Islands. 

Considering that each Pal has its own unique traits and abilities, many were enthralled to know that one eagle-eyed player has spotted 6 new unreleased Pals in the game. Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at them.

6 New Pals Will Be Added to the Paldeck That Is Already Over 130 Strong

Currently, Palworld has around 137 Pals including other hybrid variants and Alpha Bosses, out of which there are 111 original creatures. According to the game’s developer roadmap, their main focus currently seems to be on fixing the numerous bugs, glitches, and other performance issues that have been plaguing the game. That being said, pre-release assets acquired by data miners revealed the existence of these upcoming Pals. 

The first creature looks to sport a greyish tone with red accents, indicating it to be a Fire-elemental Pal, and the second one appears to be a ground mount called Botlmane, with yellow accents, which could possibly mean that it is an Electric-type Pal. The third seems to be a Dark-elemental Nocturnal being, combining the looks of Pokemon’s Mewtwo with the Black colored Pals of Palworld. 

The fourth Pal on the list appears to be a gigantic whale-like Sea Pal, with the player and his Eikthyrdeer standing on top of it. The fifth one appears to be a Flying-type Pal, although with a relatively small stature. The most exciting one from the bunch seems to be this last creature on the list, with its celestial appearance, combining the looks of Jormuntide Ignis with a Frostallion. 

Although the possibility of these fresh new Pals excites us, we need to know that the main priority of devs is to fix the performance and crashing issues plaguing the game. At the time of writing, Pocketpair has not acknowledged the leaks and it is unknown when all of these new Pals will be incorporated into the game. Furthermore, certain creatures like the giant whale might find it difficult to fit into a player’s base. 

Keeping this aside, Pocketpair is also set to add new gameplay elements such as Ships, Rideable carts pulled by Direhowls, Great House Architecture, Lasso, Rockets, Fishing, Sniper Rifles with Scopes, etc. This makes an even more enthralling case for itself as these overhauls would significantly improve Palworld’s gameplay experience. 

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