Apex Legends Vantage and Echo have many exploits in the game and the latest one that was discovered was a moving Horizon Black Hole


You Can Move Horizon’s Black Hole With Vantage & Echo in Apex Legends

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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One Twitter user pointed out that Horizon’s ultimate Black Hole can be flown around the map, thanks to Echo and Vantage.
This comes after many exploits with Vantage’s pet companion surfaced after their release in Apex Legends.

Echo is Vantage’s pet companion and they joined the Apex Games in Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted. After being called to be a part of the Games, Vantage was hell-bent on fighting alongside her cute pet and even appealed to the Apex Games to bring Echo with her. Basically, Echo helps Vantage with her tactical ability which is called Echo Location and she can go to Echo’s location by recasting the ability. Apex Legends players have been finding unique and bizarre bugs that seem to be quite overpowered, making Vantage one of the most interesting picks out there. However, most of these tricks that have been unearthed are unintentional ones or oversights and will be ironed out soon via a patch. The newest trick that players have been testing out is making Horizon’s ultimate ability move around, thanks to Echo.

How to move Horizon’s blackhole in Apex Legends with Vantage?

Firstly, let us look at the abilities individually to understand what they do. This play involves players picking Horizon and Vantage in their team composition.

Horizon is an Offensive Legend with gravity-based abilities. Her Ultimate - Black Hole deploys a device called N.E.W.T that causes nearby enemies and grenades to be pulled toward its center. It lasts 12 seconds and the device has 175 HP. It can be destroyed to cancel the pull. Notably, N.E.W.T. is susceptible to friendly damage.

Secondly, you must understand Vantage’s tactical ability to pull off this Black Hole trick. Vantage’s tactical ability is called Echo Relocation.

Tactical: Echo Relocation

Position your winged companion Echo and then launch towards him. You must have a line of sight to Echo to launch. Notably, your pet bat can be repositioned while on cooldown and recalled at any time.

Twitter user and Apex Legends player Skeptation posted a clip of Echo flying around with Horizon’s Black Hole. The user wrote, “You can fly around a black hole,” and showed how the trick worked.

Right off the bat, Echo is placed on the ground and following this, the Horizon deploys Black Hole on top of Echo. This causes the ability to latch on to Vantage’s adorable companion and move around wherever Echo is moved to. Now, once the Black Hole is on top of Echo, Vantage players can relocate Echo anywhere they please, causing the Horizon Ultimate to fly around the map.

While some Apex Legends players are having fun around Vantage and using exploits like this to their advantage, many of them are asking Respawn Entertainment to quickly launch an update, fixing all the glitches and errors that are present in Vantage’s kit.

Players also noticed that Echo could be used as a mobile heat shield and that they can perform Jett dashes and cool movements with Vantage and her pet Echo. Season 14: Hunted in Apex Legends has been plagued by a number of bugs and Respawn has yet to address the problems with Vantage and Echo.

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