An unintended bug lets you place a heat shield on Vantage's pet Echo.


Apex Legends: You Can Place A Heat Shield On Vantage's Pet Echo

Nutan Lele
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The new season brought an unintended interaction with Vantage's pet Echo and heat shields.
Here is how you can use this exploit.

Apex Legends Season 14 legend release Vantage comes with an adorable little flying companion called Echo. Echo helps Vantage use her tactical ability called Echo location and launch towards him. Echo can be repositioned almost anywhere the player wants it to be, even close to the ground. This has led players to discover that you can use Echo to make a mobile heat shield. This is likely an oversight and will be eventually patched out, just like the Sheila on Crypto drone mechanic. Till then, players can use the exploit to their advantage. Here is how you can place a Heat Shield on Vantage's pet Echo.

Placing a heat Shield on Vantage’s pet Echo makes it mobile

Players noticed that after some trial and error, if you place the heat shield just right, it will glitch into Echo and travel on its back, making it mobile. Vantage players can do this by first positioning Echo close to the ground and then get glose to it. Place the heat shield on top of Echo. If positioned correctly the heat shield will be placed on top of Echo’s back and Vantage players can now move Echo around to move the heat shield along with it.

You can place a heat shield on Vantage's pet Echo and move it.

Respawn Entertainment

The higher Echo goes, the shield extends further to the ground. Several Redditors are posting videos showing off the new mechanic. It is likely that Respawn Entertainment will undo this change. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for other placable shields, utility or weapons.

Such exploits usually affect new deployables like with Crypto’s drone. Players could add Rampart’s ultimate Sheila and Mad Maggie’s tactical, Riot Drill to the drone and move it around.

Respawn still has a number of bugs to deal with including with Prestige level-up rewards, incorrect banner displays and bugs with redeeming Apex coins. So it might take some time for Respawn to address and fix this exploit. Till then, Vantage players can use their flying companion to avoid taking extra damage in the zone.

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