New Apex Legends bug causes players to spawn with the wrong legend abilities in the game


Apex Legends Bug Causes Players to Spawn With Wrong Abilities

New season, new bugs!!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Apex Legends players have been taking to social media to record the new Apex Legends bug that causes them to have other legends’ abilities.
Bugs are usually frustrating but players seem to be having fun with this one.

Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted went live on 9th August and it would not be a new patch without at least a few of these game-breaking bugs. Hunted’s patch brought in one of the most interesting bugs we’ve seen in Apex Legends where players have been reporting random abilities for their legends. They are not completely random since they are the abilities of other legends in the game, just not the one you chose while loading into the game. Players usually tend to get frustrated with the bugs in Apex Legends and call on Respawn Entertainment for an immediate fix. However, in this case, players seem to be having fun as this bug has created an unintentional, fun game mode through this Apex Legends bug.

A Reddit user wrote, “It's annoying and all, but this is so funny dude. It's not breaking the game but it's definitely breaking the enemies’ minds.

What is the new Apex Legends bug?

With the Season 14: Hunted update, players have been reporting a bug that has been causing their legends to have the wrong abilities. One Reddit user posted an instance of this bug in action where they had Bloodhound’s abilities while playing Bangalore.

In the clip, the user can be seen using Bloodhound’s Tactical ability Eye of the All-Father which briefly reveals enemies, traps, and clues through structures in front of you. Additionally, you will notice that the player can also see clues on the ground, which is Bloodhound’s passive - Tracker. However, the original poster’s HUD, except for the abilities, shows that they are indeed playing Bangalore and they are in a match with a teammate on Bloodhound.

Likewise, another Redditor posted a clip where they had Loba’s abilities while playing as Ash. They wrote, “The new legend Ashloba is sick.” Funnily, there was no Loba on their squad as they were playing with Lifeline and Wraith. In the clip, you can see the user getting Loba voice lines and was also able to use Loba’s tactical ability - Burglar’s Best Friend which teleports the player to hard-to-reach locations.

In the Reddit thread, the top comment stated that their weird legend combination was “Horizoncastle,” implying that they played Horizon with New Castle abilities or vice versa.

One user wondered what would happen if a player ends up playing a legend with Mirage abilities. “Would the decoys be Mirage or the legend you're playing?” they asked. According to many more screenshots and clips posted on Reddit, if a player’s legend has access to Mirage’s abilities, they would spawn dummies of their original legend.

To top it all off, there was another instance of this new Apex Legends bug where a Newcastle spawned with Valkyrie’s abilities. The team was outside the ring and taking damage, but thanks to “NewValk”, the squad made it safely into the next ring.

Jokes aside, Respawn Entertainment could potentially consider this new Apex Legends bug and turn it into a limited-time mode or an April Fool’s mode in the game where players can choose their legend and mix it with some of their favorite other abilities in the game.

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