Valorant Progression Update: Only 7 Players Will Have An Empty Accessory Store


Valorant Progression Update: Only 7 Players in World Will Have Empty Accessory Store

What sorcery is this..?! 😮

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The upcoming changes to Valorant's progression system will include the addition of an Accessory Store.
According to Valorant, only seven players in the entire world will have an empty accessory store when the update goes live.
The statement has left the community confused as they think that this number is quite low.

Valorant has released the complete details for all the changes coming to its progression system which includes reworked daily missions, agent recruitment events, agent store, and accessory store.

While most players are trying to learn how they can earn more Kingdom Credits and where can this currency be spent, there are a few that have spotted a rather unique and surprising statistic shared by Valorant in its Progression Update.

According to Valorant, there are only seven players or collectors in the entire world that own every piece of content from all of Valorant's prior battle passes and will be the only ones with an empty Accessory Store upon release.

Seven Players Have Achieved Valorant's Greatest Achievement

The statement released by Valorant has baffled many across the community while also raising a lot of doubts to which there have been no answers delivered yet from Riot Games.

This is mainly because community members believe that there have to be more than seven players in the world to satisfy the criteria of owning every piece of content from all Valorant battle passes from the past.

To make sense of the astounding fact shared by Valorant, some believe that this might include stuff from the beta pass, epilogues, and even seasonal event passes like the YR 1 Anniversary, Riot X Arcane, Lunar Celebration, and others.

There is still a lot of confusion in the community pertaining to this particular statement, with many thinking that they could be among the seven players pointed out by Valorant. However, we will only get to know the whole truth once the progression update goes live along with Episode 7 Act 1 on 27th June.

Valorant Progression Update: Accessory Store

The seven people who possess everything will basically have an empty Accessory Store, where other players will be able to spend their hard-earned Kingdom Points to purchase things like player cards, gun buddies, sprays, and titles from every previous battle pass, except for the three most recent ones including the one that is currently live.

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