Valorant Daily Missions Reworked: Complete Details


Valorant Daily Missions: How to Progress, Hit Checkpoints, Earn Kingdom Credits

Everything about the revamped dailies.

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The daily missions in Valorant have undergone a massive revamp and will be rolling out with Episode 7 Act 1.
The concept of milestones has been added to reworked Valorant daily missions. Completing daily missions will grant players XP and Kingdom Credits.
Here is everything you need to know about the revamped Valorant daily missions including how to progress, complete checkpoints, and earn Kingdom Credits.

Valorant's progression system is about to undergo massive changes alongside the upcoming Episode 7 Act 1, scheduled to go live later this month on 27th June. This includes a revamp of how the daily missions currently work, rewarding players with 2000 XP for completing two objectives every 24 hours.

The reworked daily missions also referred to as dailies will be introducing the concept of Checkpoints, and completing them will grant players XP along with Kingdom Credits, a new free in-game currency that cannot be purchased with real money like Valorant Points.

Here is everything you need to know about how the daily missions in Valorant will work from Episode 7 onwards, ways to achieve Checkpoints, and earning Kingdom Credits to unlock free items.

How do the Revamped Daily Missions work in Valorant?

Before Valorant Episode 7, players used to complete two daily missions every 24 hours and earn a maximum of 2000 XP as a reward. Well, this system is about to change with playtime becoming a priority. Simply put, a player will progress further and be rewarded better the more time they put into the game.

A new concept of daily milestones has been added called Checkpoints and players will earn progress to complete them by simply playing Valorant, all game modes except for the standard deathmatch.

There will be a maximum of four checkpoints to earn every single day and the completion of each one will grant a bonus amount of XP towards the Battle Pass, Event Pass, and Agent Recruitment Event, along with some Kingdom Credits.

The daily missions, checkpoints, will be reset once every 24 hours, similar to how the current system works.

Valorant Daily Rewards Kingdom Credits

What Are Checkpoints Introduced With New Valorant Daily Missions?

Checkpoints are milestones that represent how your playtime has contributed to the progress of your daily missions. Simply playing Valorant, as usual, contributes towards checkpoint progress. However, do keep in mind that the standard deathmatch is the only exception, apart from that all other game modes count.

Every day players will get a chance to acquire four checkpoints, each checkpoint consisting of four charges. Every game mode in Valorant grants a different number of charges, so choose wisely.

For each complete checkpoint, players will acquire 1000 XP towards the active battlepass, event pass if ongoing, and agent recruitment event if active, along with 150 Kingdom Credits.

Valorant Daily Rewards Reworked

To help players who might miss out on their daily grind every once in a while, Valorant has decided that the four checkpoints from the missed day would be converted into a bonus that applies as a multiplier towards one checkpoint the next day.

How to Reach All Checkpoints to Complete Valorant Daily Mission?

To maintain steady checkpoint progress, players just have to put in some hours and play Valorant. All game modes, except standard deathmatch, contribute towards attaining charges which in turn leads to completing checkpoints.

  • 4 Charges = 1 Checkpoints

  • 4 Checkpoints Daily = 16 Charges Daily

Every eligible game mode results in different amounts of progress for the players. Here is a quick look at how much progress can be earned from each of them.

  • Unrated: One progress per round won.

  • Competitive: One progress per round won.

  • Swift Play: One progress per round won.

  • Premier: One progress per round won.

  • Spike Rush: Two progress per match played.

  • Escalation: Two progress per match played.

  • Team Deathmatch: Two progress per match played.

If players are able to achieve all the checkpoints, then they can earn a maximum of 4,000 XP and 600 Kingdom Credits on a daily basis.

Do keep in mind that only 10,000 Kingdom Credits can be stored, after which any amount earned will not result in a net increment, so keep spending them wisely from time to time.

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