Valorant Kingdom Credits: How to Earn, Where to Use, Unlock Rewards, More

A new currency has just been added to the game! 💰

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Valorant Kingdom Credits: Everything You Need To Know


Valorant has revealed details about the progression system update which will roll out along with Episode 7 Act 1.
Valorant will release a new in-game currency called Kingdom Credits along with this update.
Here is everything you need to know about how to earn, spend, and unlock rewards using Kingdom Credits.

The upcoming Episode 7 of Valorant is just a few weeks away and will be bringing with it a whole set of changes and new features, including a new in-game currency called Kingdom Credits.

As touched upon by Andy Ho, Game Director of Valorant, in an earlier announcement, Valorant is set to undergo multiple changes in its progression system.

Expanding on what this update will include, Preeti Khanolkar, Lead Producer at Valorant, has revealed that along with Episode 7 Act 1, the game will receive a new currency, agent event passes, accessory store, and more.

Here is everything you need to know about Kingdom Credits, what they are, how to earn them, where can it be spent, and how it influences all other changes.

Valorant Introduces Kingdom Credits: Complete details about the new currency

Valorant recently highlighted changes that will come along with the progression system update going into effect from Episode 7 Act 1 onwards, whose tentative release date is 22nd June, Thursday.

The biggest talking point was the introduction of a new in-game currency called Kingdom Credits around which a lot of other features have been built.

Kingdom Credits: New Valorant Currency

How to earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant?

Players do not have to spend real money to receive Kingdom Credits in Valorant. As a matter of fact, they will receive this currency absolutely free in the form of daily rewards.

The daily reward system has been completely revamped by Valorant. Here are some key points about the changes.

  1. Players receive daily rewards for playing matches and completing certain missions.

  2. Earlier, only XP was received which helped players level up their profile and progress in the battlepass.

  3. Now, players will also receive Kingdom Points which will help them in unlocking free stuff.

Free Kingdom Credits: Daily Reward System

Where to spend Kingdom Credits to unlock rewards in Valorant?

All the Kingdom Credits earned by Valorant players can be used for a whole bunch of things like,

  • Unlocking agents once their free event pass expires and also their respective gears like player cards, weapons, and more.

    To digress a bit from the topic, from Episode 7 onwards every new agent will come with a limited-time agent recruitment event that will last for a few weeks. During this time frame, players can unlock the agent, in case they failed to do so they will have to purchase the agent using Valorant Points or Kingdom Credits.

Spend Kingdom Points: Unlock Valorant Agents
  • Unlocking stuff from the upcoming accessory store which will include items from the previous battlepasses like cards, sprays, buddies, and titles. This will not include any melee and weapon skins.

    Make sure you unlock your favorite accessories because they will appear randomly similar to how the weapon store works with skins.

Spend Kingdom Points: Accessory Store

One important thing to keep in mind is that there is a maximum limit of Kingdom Credits that you can save on a single account. So keep spending them every now and then on things that you like instead of storing them.

Otherwise, you will just end up wasting them, unable to gather more of it beyond an unspecified limit.

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