Overwatch 2 Teases Animated Short for Sojourn: Title, Release Date, More

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Overwatch 2 Teases Animated Short For Sojourn: Title, Release Date, More


In the latest edition of Director's Take an upcoming animated short for Overwatch 2 hero Sojourn was teased.
Sojourn was released along with Overwatch 2 and her lore has not been explored much by the developers.
Sojourn has also received a slight buff in the recent mid-season update.

One of the most anticipated and highly request hero lore is finally going to be presented by Overwatch 2 really soon. If you still have no idea, the railgun-wielding hero, Sojourn is getting her very own animated short, right after the ongoing mini-series, Overwatch 2 Genesis.

The news was teased in the latest edition of Director's Take by none other than Jeff Chamberlain - Creative Director for Overwatch 2, where he spoke about the game's fundamentals of storytelling, exploration of the lore, and how they are presenting it in different forms.

While discussing all this, Jeff slipped that Overwatch 2 is prepared to release an animated short on Sojourn and where she stands right before the Null Sector's invasion which goes live on 10th August along with Overwatch 2 Season 6: Invasion.

Overwatch 2 Animated Short Sojourn: Everything We Know So Far

The attack hero, Sojourn, is receiving quite a bit of attention from the developers after getting a hard nerf previously. During the mid-season patch which was released on 11th July, her railgun was buffed by undergoing a spread reduction for its bullets.

This was done to increase the hero's effectiveness in long to mid-range combat. It also means that Sojourn would be able to gain charges for her burst shot more effectively, automatically increases the pick rate for the hero.

To make things even better, Sojourn is also getting her own animated short which will explore her lore further and set her up for the upcoming Null Sector invasion.

  • Sojourn Animated Short: Title - Calling

  • Sojourn Animated Short: Release Date - Just before Overwatch 2: Invasion

Not a lot of information about this has been released by the developers. However, Jeff said that he does not want to spoil anything for the community who will get to know her a bit more with the launch of her animated short, 'Calling'.

"Calling will be the final story beat that leads us up to Null Sector’s invasion and Overwatch’s response to a world under attack," confirmed Jeff.

If this is to be believed then we can expect the release date to be in the month of August itself. This is definitely was an interesting reveal as everyone gets to know more about Sojourn, the 33rd hero to be added to the game.

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