Overwatch 2 Genesis Animated Series: All Parts, Release Date, How to Watch, More

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Overwatch 2 Genesis Animated Mini-Series: Complete Details


Overwatch 2 has finally heard its community and is releasing an animated mini-series called Genesis.
Overwatch 2 Genesis will be released in three parts across three weeks in the month of July.
Overwatch 2 Genesis seems to be a prequel to the Omnic Crisis and could present us with hints of a new hero.

For years the Overwatch 2 community has been requesting Blizzard Entertainment to develop a TV series for the game, due to the spectacular videos they keep creating for various events and celebrations.

The outcry was at its absolute peak when Overwatch 2 released an animated short for one its support heroes, Kiriko, bedazzling all community members with the character's art, lore, animation, and story telling.

Now eight months down the line an animated mini-series called Genesis has been announced for Overwatch 2, which seems to be a prequel based around the Omnic Crisis and even teases a potential new hero.

Here is everything that you need to know about Overwatch 2 Genesis including information about all parts of this mini-series, release dates, runtime of each episode, and where can you watch them.

Overwatch 2 Genesis Animated Mini-Series: Everything You Need To Know

This will be the first major mini-series that explores the lore of Overwatch 2 in such depth outside of the animated shorts that are released every now and then. Already, a short glimpse of what the players can expect to see from this series has been dropped and the response has been exceptional.

Overwatch 2 Genesis: All Parts

The animated mini-series has been split into three parts called Dawn, Innocence, and Rebirth.

  1. Overwatch 2 Genesis - Part One: Dawn

  2. Overwatch 2 Genesis - Part Two: Innocence

  3. Overwatch 2 Genesis - Part Three: Rebirth

All of them combined seem to be a prequel to the Omnic Crisis, giving us a glimpse of a happier time when things were stable and everyone was in harmony with each other, how all of it took a dark turn, and the heroes who stepped up to help put an end to all of it.

Overwatch 2 Genesis: Reinhardt Holding Against Omnic Attack

Overwatch 2 Genesis: Release Dates

All three parts will be released in July 2023 on Thursday of each week, every episode easily running for more than five minutes.

  • Part One: Dawn - 6th July | 05:13 Minutes

  • Part Two: Innocence - 13th July | 06:34 Minutes

  • Part Three: Rebirth - 20th July | 06:58 Minutes

Overwatch 2 Genesis: Where To Watch

All parts will be released on the official YouTube channel of Overwatch 2 in English. First every single part will be premiered live and then they will be made available online as a normal video for everyone to watch and continue enjoying.

We have already gotten a glimpse of a few heroes like Echo, Reaper, Reinhardt, Bastion, Ana, Torbjörn, and even get a glimpse of a mysterious Omnic atop a snow covered mountain which looks like Nepal, looking at a structure, possibly the Shambali Monastery.

This could either be the early lore of Zenyatta-Ramattra or glimpse of a new upcoming hero. For now, the information is limited to everything discussed above and more will be revealed along with the Overwatch 2 animated mini-series, Genesis.

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