Overwatch 2 Genesis Part Two Innocence: Story, Characters, Next Episode, More

For a game development studio, Blizzard actually makes brilliant mini-series.

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Overwatch 2 Genesis Part Two Innocence: Story, Characters, Next Episode, More


The animated mini-series, Overwatch 2 Genesis, has dropped its second episode which drives the story ahead.
Overwatch 2 Genesis Part Two Innocence depicts important events like creation of Aurora, God Program: Anubis going rogue, and formation of Overwatch.
Here is everything we learned from the second part of the animated mini-series and what we can expect from Overwatch 2 Genesis - Part Three: Rebirth.

The highly anticipated animated mini-series announced by Blizzard Entertainment for Overwatch 2 dropped its second episode yesterday on 13th July, Genesis - Part Two: Innocence.

Picking up from where the story concluded in Part One: Dawn, it shows us the birth of Aurora, the first-ever Omnic to attain sentience, followed by the crash of Omnica Corporation and how the Omnic Crisis began shortly after.

Finally, everyone was introduced to Overwatch, its first recruits and the initial steps taken by them to fight back the rogue Omnic forces with crucial counterattacks.

Here is a detailed explanation of the complete lore behind Overwatch 2 Genesis - Part Two: Innocence, including all characters that were highlighted in this episode and information about the next one, Genesis - Part Three: Rebirth.

Overwatch 2 Genesis Part Two Innocence: Complete Explanation and Details

The first animated short is a prequel to the Omnic Crisis and kickstarts the three part mini-series which is aimed at providing a detailed account of everything that has led to where the Overwatch 2 story stands today.

What have we learned from the Overwatch 2 Genesis Part Two Innocence?

The episode continues forward with the birth of the first sentient Omnic called Aurora, created by the infamous Dr. Mina Liao.

"Born in a laboratory. Surrounded by your creators. Then you learn the truth, that there is no other creature like you, anywhere," Grant, another sentient Omnic who is also an author.

Several tests were conducted to confirm that the Omnic had gained consciousness and Aurora managed to pass every single one of them. Dr. Liao went on to provide a really compelling testimony in front of a court which officially recognized the unique Omnic as a sentient being.

Overwatch 2 Genesis Part Two Innocence: Dr. Mina Liao and Aurora

Aurora went on to travel the world, learning the good and the bad, eventually questioning her own existence and traveling all the way to Nepal away from civilization, somewhere in the snowy mountains of the Himalayas.

As for the Omnica Corporation, the company went down due to overspending, mismanagement, and even fraud, shutting down within a couple of year's time.

The many automated production lines were abandoned and left unmonitored by humans. Suddenly, an Omnic uprising was reported in Nigeria, Africa

Overwatch 2 Genesis Part Two Innocence: Omnic Uprising Nigeria

This threat quickly reached every country due to one of the 'God Programs' called Anubis, originally designed to help humanity by maintaining ecological balance, hijacking Omnica's production lines to build warbots of its own design.

"It was built to maintain ecological balance, of all things, for conservation. Its goals could not be achieved without the end of humanity and it used us to carry out its plan," Grant.

A special strike team called Overwatch was created, consisting of the best of the best, including Reinhardt, Ana, Soldier: 76, Reaper, Torbjörn, and ever Dr. Mina Liao.

They fought against the Omnics and their tactics proved to be effective, resulting in a solid counterattack which provided hope for the entire human resistance.

Overwatch 2 Genesis Part Two Innocence: Overwatch Team Members

All characters introduced in the Overwatch 2 Genesis Part Two Innocence

Grant (Omnic) - Author of 'The Untold Story of Omnic A'

Grant was introduced as the one of the narrators towards the start of the episode and kept returning in between throughout the entire run. He seems to be one of the sentient Omnics and is an author.

Aurora - The First Sentient Omnic

Everyone was properly introduced to Aurora and told about her story in brief including how she was legally recognized as being sentient by a court, her journey around the world, and what led to her trip to the Himalayas away from civilization.

Apart from them, all the other characters were already introduced in Part One: Dawn, where they had made their first appearance.

When will Overwatch 2 Genesis Part Three Rebirth release?

The third part of the mini-series which will continue the story ahead is set to release on 20th July, Thursday and will be slightly longer than the second part with a total run time of 06:58 minutes.

It will be livestreamed on the official YouTube channel of Overwatch 2 in English. First, every single part of the mini-series will be premiered live and then they will be made available online as a normal video for everyone to watch and continue enjoying.

In the third part, we might get to know more about the main Omnic Crisis and how Overwatch managed to fight them back, bringing the entire incident to an end. There are still questions surrounding Aurora and what happens to her after she spots a monastery somewhere in the Himalayas.

This will be the final episode of the Overwatch 2 mini-series, Genesis, which has the community excited and sad at the same time!

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