Overwatch 2 Genesis Part One Dawn: Story, Characters, How to Watch, Next Episode

For a game development studio Blizzard actually makes stunning animated videos.

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Overwatch 2 Genesis Part One Dawn: Everything You Need To Know


The animated mini-series, Overwatch 2 Genesis, has dropped its first episode and the response from the community has been astounding.
Overwatch 2 Genesis - Part One: Dawn, is a prequel to the Omnic Crisis and introduces us to many characters including the pivotal Dr. Mina Liao.
Here is everything we learned from the first part of the animated mini-series and what can we expect from the upcoming, Overwatch 2 Genesis - Part Two: Innocence.

The highly anticipated animated mini-series announced by Blizzard Entertainment for Overwatch 2 has finally released its first episode, Genesis - Part One: Dawn.

It gives us a glimpse of how the society depicted within the game functioned before the disastrous Omnic Crisis, most of it revealed as part of the teaser that was dropped last month on 30th June.

Towards the end, we get to observe the creation of what seems to be the first-ever sentient Omnic, which according to the lore is called Aurora. This cannot be confirmed because the first animated short abruptly concludes right after.

Here is a detailed explanation of the complete lore behind Overwatch 2 Genesis - Part One: Dawn, including all important characters that were highlighted and information about the next episode in this mini-series, Genesis - Part Two: Innocence.

Overwatch 2 Genesis Part One Dawn: Complete Explanation and Details

The first animated short is a prequel to the Omnic Crisis and kickstarts the three part mini-series which is aimed at providing a detailed account of everything that has led to what the Overwatch 2 story stands today.

What have we learned from the Overwatch 2 Genesis Part One Dawn?

Omnics are artificially intelligent robots produced by Omniums, a self-improving automated factory line that was set up by the Omnica Corporation, which is no longer functional.

The creation of Omnics and the advancement that came with their applications like helping with food distribution systems to prevent famine, running superior infrastructures, and freeing up the human need to do certain dangerous jobs, was welcomed wholeheartedly.

"Artificial Intelligence was running systems to make our lives better, but what was really exciting was combining it with robotics," Mathias Verne, Robotics Engineer at Omnica Corporation.

All of it combined showcases how the world was in peace and harmony before the eventual Omnic Crisis.

Omnics being mass produced by Omnica Corporation

In the next part, we are introduced to Dr. Mina Liao and the pressure upon her to come up with the next big thing for the Omnica Corporation. Her dedication and tireless efforts are highlighted to showcase how she creates what looks like the first ever sentient Omnic, running on the most powerful A.I. in existence.

"It didn't just activate. She was born," Camara Verne, Robotics Engineer at Omnica Corporation.

This is where the first part concludes with a warning message stating that life before the Omnic Crisis was extraordinary where anything was possible, but what followed changed everything for the worse.

Dr Mina Liao with possibly the first ever sentient Omnic

All characters introduced in the Overwatch 2 Genesis Part One Dawn

Lt. Gen. Ricardo Perez

The very first character that the audience meets is Lt. Gen. Ricardo Perez. He is part of the Brazilian Armed Forces and is also associated with the UN Military Affairs.

Overwatch Characters

In a follow-up scene, we witness a unit, that he was a part of as a soldier, fighting against the Omnics in Brazil during the Omnic Crisis alongside three members of Overwatch - Reinhardt, Ana, and Soldier: 76.

Omnica Corporation - Robotics Engineers

The third scene introduces us to a couple of Robotics Engineers from Omnica Corporation, Camara Verne and Mathias Verne, speaking about an earlier time when everything was at peace and Omnics had greatly improved the quality of life for humans across the world.

Dr. Mina Liao

One of the greatest scientists to work with both Omnica Corporation and Overwatch, Dr. Mina Liao, is quite popular and hones a pivotal role within the game's lore.

She was the creator of the first sentient Omnic called Aurora, which could be the robot witnessed by everyone towards the end of the first episode.

Dr. Mina Liao: Overwatch 2

When will Overwatch 2 Genesis Part Two Innocence release?

The second part of the mini-series which will continue the story ahead is set to release on 13th July and will be a whole minute longer than the first part with a total run time of 06:34 minutes.

It will be livestreamed on the official YouTube channel of Overwatch 2 in English. First, every single part of the mini-series will be premiered live and then they will be made available online as a normal video for everyone to watch and continue enjoying.

In the second part we might learn a lot more about Aurora, the sentient Omnic that was created by Dr. Mina Liao in the first episode. What happens to it and how it ends up reaching Nepal, a location teased during the trailer, where eventually the Shambali Monastery will come up for future Omnics to take refuge and achieve transcendence.

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