Apex Legends Glitches Let Players Hide Inside Supply Bins and loot them twice.


Apex Legends Glitches Let Players Hide Inside Supply Bins, Loot Them Again

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Apex Legends Season 14 is riddled with glitches.
Players are able to loot Supply bins again and hide inside them.
Respawn Entertainment is yet to address the supply bin glitches.

Apex Legends Season 14 has brought in a number of intentional and unintentional changes to the game. There are a number of different bugs in the game such as the Vantage interactions with Horizon’s ultimate and Heat Shields. The new season has also brought some glitches to the game overall including giving legends wrong abilities, and now players are facing issues with supply bins. A new bug is letting Apex players hide inside supply bins.

Supply bin glitches in Apex Legends Season 14

There are currently two different glitches with supply bins in Apex Legends. One glitch lets you open supply bins multiple times to get more supplies and another that lets you hide inside supply bins.

A video on Twitter uploaded by Meteor_Sven shows how you can loot the same bin multiple times for more loot on Kings Canyon. He jumps onto the loot bin before opening it and quickly picks everything up. A few seconds later, the bin closes and looks unopened. He then drops all his gear and jumps on top of the bin again to open it and get more loot.

Another supply bin bug encountered in Apex Legends right now is being able to glitch through closed bins and hide inside them. Players are using this exploit to ambush enemies who come close. Twitch streamer TTVSnaps shared a clip from a match showing how the exploit works as he walks into a surprise attack.

This glitch seems to especially affect bins located next to walls like the one in the clip. Similar to the resetting supply bins, players have to stand on top of the crate as it is opened. If they jump inside the crate within approximately 3 seconds after it is opened, they can glitch inside the crate. They can then crouch to clip completely inside the crate.

Respawn Entertainment still has to attend to these glitches according to the Apex Trello board. Yesterday’s patch for Apex addressed other issues the game is currently facing.

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