Alecks Talks About Something's Role in Paper Rex During VCT Pacific League

An impressive debut performance has put him under the spotlight.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Alecks Talks About Something's Role In Paper Rex


During the post match interview session, Alecks spoke about something's debut performance for Paper Rex against T1 on Pearl.
Alecks mentioned that something would be playing with Jett most of the time.
He also revealed that something was nervous before his debut match because it was his first time playing on LAN.

The clean third-week performance by Paper Rex against T1 has given a boost of confidence to the team, bringing with it the team's latest recruit Ilya "something" Petrov into the spotlight.

His arrival was announced just a few days before the start of the VCT 2023: Pacific League and the 21-year-old has shown why the organization opted to bring him on board as he dropped an ACS (Average Combat Score) of 304 backed by 18 kills.

During the post-match scrum interview session, Alexandre "alecks" Sallé - Head Coach of Paper Rex, explained how the team practiced with something, his role with the team, and what are their expectations from him going forward.

Paper Rex's coach about something: "He will be playing Jett most of the time"

Alecks says that when it comes to practice, something had one week to train with the team. During that time, he managed to learn as many maps as possible and they want to use him wherever they felt a Jett is necessary.

"He will be playing Jett most of the time. Sometimes we will play with him, other times not, depending on the needs of the team," says Alecks, "I think now that we have seven players, it gives us more chances to experiment and we are going to do that for all the maps."

As for what was expected from the talented Jett player during his debut for Paper Rex on Pearl against T1, alecks mentioned that this was the first time something was playing on LAN because of which he had nerves and they only hoped that he would overcome this nervousness.

"I think it is easier when you have four players on the stage that are used to it and they can all help to make him feel more comfortable. In the end, he did pretty well," says Alecks.

Something made a statement debut with his aggressive plays on the Jett, securing a K/D/A of 18/8/0 which resulted in an ACS of 304, keeping up with his teammate Jason "f0rsakeN" Susanto who secured two aces during the same game.

He was swapped with Benedict "Benkai" Tan for the second game which took place on Fracture, the reason being that Paper Rex does not like to run Jett on that particular map.

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