Paper Rex Signs Something to Valorant Roster Ahead of VCT 2023: Pacific League

The lineup extends with a solid new addition.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Paper Rex Signs Something To Valorant Roster


Paper Rex extends its Valorant lineup by singing Ilia "something" Petrov three days before the VCT 2023: Pacific League.
Something is a 21-year-old talented player from Russia who has been competing in the Japanese regional circuit since March 2021.
Something recently set the record for most frags taken by a single player in a best-of-five series by securing a total of 136 kills against FENNEL during VCL 2023: Japan Split 1.

One of the top esports organizations from Southeast Asia, Paper Rex, has taken the decision to further extend its Valorant lineup with the acquisition of Ilia "something" Petrov, a talented 21-year-old player from Russia who currently competes in the Japanese regional circuit.

Something is a talented Valorant player who is considered to be one of the top prospects from Japan, a region where he has been competing since March 2021, under teams like Insomnia, BLUE BEES, and Sengoku Gaming.

He will be traveling to Seoul, South Korea to join the team. He specializes in playing duelists like Jett and Raze, providing a significant boost to Paper Rex's firepower in the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023: Pacific League, though his eligibility to play is currently under question and subject to approval by Riot Games.

Paper Rex extends its Valorant lineup by signing something just days before the VCT 2023: Pacific League

All the 10 partnered teams from across the Asia-Pacific region will be locking horns at the upcoming VCT 2023: Pacific League, scheduled to take place from 25th March to 28th May, and featuring a total prize pool of $250,000 USD (INR 2,06,63,750).

Paper Rex, one of the Pacific teams based out of Singapore has bolstered its Valorant lineup by signing a promising Russian prospect, something, just three days before the start of the important regional league.

“We have been closely monitoring Ilia's (something) recent performances and are impressed with his exceptional play as a duelist,” says Harley "dsn" Orwall - Chief Gaming Officer of Paper Rex, appreciating the latest recruit. He goes on to add that the organization's plan at this point in time is to maintain its current roster but they are still open to experimentation with different compositions.

This particular responsibility has been handed over to Alexandre "alecks" Sallé - Head Coach of Paper Rex, who has the freedom to choose which players he thinks are the most suited for certain match-ups or situations.

Something is quite the player having averaged an ACS (Average Combat Score) of 306 across 34 matches in the past three months, while competing under the banner of Sengoku Gaming, according to Paper Rex.

During his latest outing at the VALORANT Challengers League (VCL) 2023: Japan Split 1, something set an impressive record of securing the most frags by a single player in a professional best-of-five series by accumulating a total of 136 kills in the lower bracket semifinal against FENNEL.

Other key stats for something during the course of this tournament were as follows:

  • VLR Rating - 1.40

  • ACS - 300.5

  • K/D - 1.58

  • KAST - 78%

  • ADR - 193.3

  • KPR - 1.07

  • FKPR - 0.21

"This move has the potential to bolster Paper Rex’s already massive firepower further and provide them with an even greater competitive edge over other teams in the Pacific league," reads a statement by the organization.

The updated Valorant roster of Paper Rex is as follows,

  1. Benedict “Benkai” Tan

  2. Khalish “d4v41” Rusyaidee

  3. Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto

  4. Aaron “mindfreak” Leonhart

  5. Wang “Jinggg” Jing Jie

  6. Ilia "something" Petrov

  7. Patiphan “CigaretteS” Posri - Substitute

  8. Alexandre “alecks” Sallé - Head Coach

This change comes after the team was knocked out by Cloud9 in the very first round of the VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo. Now, three weeks later the organization is ready to face a new challenge with better preparation and a new member.

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