Paper Rex Records 100 Career Victories by Winning Valorant India Invitational

VCT Offseason is delivering some great Valorant matches!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Paper Rex Wins Valorant India Invitational


The Valorant India Invitational concluded on 20th Nov with Paper Rex walking away as the champion.
Paper Rex defeated Team Heretics in the grand finals of the Valorant India Invitational by a '3-1' series scoreline
With this grand final victory, Paper Rex also recorded its hundredth competitive victory in Valorant.

The Valorant Indian Invitational which took place over the course of this weekend concluded yesterday (20th Nov) with Paper Rex walking away as the champion after handing a '3-1' defeat to Team Heretics.

Paper Rex put on a brilliant performance at the first-ever international Valorant LAN tournament to take place in India, dropping three maps and winning seven others to walk away with $50,000 USD (INR 40,89,925) in prize money.

This grand final victory also marked the 100th competitive win for the Singaporean organization. A solid milestone to reach within just two years time, adding another feather to its cap and making an already successful year even more impressive.

Paper Rex records its hundredth competitive win in the grand finals of Valorant India Invitational

Paper Rex was the strongest contender coming into the Valorant India Invitational, whereas Team Heretics came in as the second favorite team that was predicted to win this tournament.

Both Paper Rex and Team Heretics won two out of their three matches in the group stage, qualifying ahead to the playoffs where they faced Team Secret and Bleed Esports respectively in the semifinals.

The two giants reached the grand finals where they locked horns against each other yesterday on 20th November. The best-of-five series did not go down to the final map but it was still an exciting match that offered top-tier Valorant action.

The first two maps, Bind and Fracture, were won by Paper Rex and Team Heretics respectively as they took each other's map picks. The next two maps, Breeze and Ancient, witnessed a tough fight being put up by the European lineup but it was not enough to hold back its opponents.

  1. Bind | 11-13 | Paper Rex

  2. Fracture | 13-6 | Team Heretics

  3. Breeze | 10-13 | Paper Rex

  4. Ascent | 8-13 | Paper Rex

Paper Rex records hundred competitive victories in Valorant

With this series, Paper Rex also reached the milestone of attaining 100 competitive victories in Valorant, adding another record to an already illustrious year where it finished 4th at the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Reykjavik and 2nd at the VCT Masters Copenhagen.

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