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Rarest Skins for Catalyst in Apex Legends

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Despite being the newest legend on the block, Catalyst has a selection of rare skins in Apex Legends already.
Catalyst has multiple unobtainable skins that were available for a limited time in the in-game store, battle pass and via Twitch.
Blood Moon and Violet Sands are the two of the rare obtainable skins that can be purchased for 1200 Crafting Materials each.

Catalyst is Apex Legends’ newest character and she has become a staple in the current meta. While she does not have as many cosmetics as some of the veteran legends, she does have a selection of rare skins that are hard to get. In case you want to pull off wins in the Apex Games in style, here are the rarest skins for Catalyst in Apex Legends.

5 Rarest Skins for Catalyst in Apex Legends


Catalyst - Apex Legends

The Archon skin for Catalyst is no longer available as it was part of the Season 15 battle pass. In case you missed it during the season Catalyst was added to the game, chances are that you are never going to be able to obtain it. Respawn has shown an interest in bringing back old battle pass skins with recolors in the shop, but the original version of the skin may never return. 

How to get: Season 15 Battle Pass (expired) 

Suns Up

Catalyst - Apex Legends

Suns Up is part of a Catalyst cosmetic bundle. It is not a craftable skin and you will need to shell out Apex Coins to purchase it. It is a change of pace from her Moon-themed skins and has a very contrasting color scheme.

How to get: Suns Up Catalyst Bundle (2,250 Apex Coins or $25 USD)

Blood Moon

Catalyst - Apex Legends

Blood Moon looks like it was taken straight out of an MMORPG. The color scheme is excellent and it is often regarded by many as Catalyst’s best skin in Apex Legends. It is available for purchase as part of the permanent skin collection.

How to get: Purchasable in the Legends menu for 1200 Crafting Materials

Violet Sands

Catalyst - Apex Legends

Violet Sands is an alternative version of the Blood Moon skin with a completely different color palette. Catalyst’s hair color is also different in this skin in case you do not like the white hair in Blood Moon.

How to get: Purchasable in the Legends menu for 1200 Crafting Materials

Natural Essence

The Natural Essence skin was given out as part of a Prime Gaming bundle from November to December 2022. It is no longer available but it may be rerun in the future. The bundle also included a skin for the Alternator SMG and a banner frame.

How to get: Prime Gaming drop (expired)

To know more about Catalyst, her abilities, and how to play her, check out our comprehensive Catalyst guide or you could find out what the best skins for Catalyst are. You can also check out our guide to hosting private games in Apex Legends.

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