Best Skins for Catalyst in Apex Legends

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Best Skins for Catalyst in Apex Legends


Catalyst is the newest character in Apex Legends and she already has a large selection of legendary skins.
Blood Moon is a fan-favorite skin that received a lot of praise and it can be unlocked for 1200 crafting materials.
Most of Catalyst's best skins can be crafted in-game or purchased with Apex Coins as she does not have too many limited-time skins.

Catalyst is the newest legend in Apex Legends and she has become a staple character in the meta thanks to her synergy with Seer. Mastering her kit allows you to control the battlefield and the Season 16 class reworks added even more utility to her kit because of her new Controller passive allowing her to scan zones. If you want to add a bit of flair to your gameplay with the best skins for Catalyst in Apex Legends, here are our top picks.

Best Catalyst skins in Apex Legends 

Here are our picks for Catalyst’s best skins that are available in Apex Legends right now. Most of the skins are unlockable if you have the Apex Coins or crafting materials to obtain them. 

Blood Moon

Catalyst Skins - Apex Legends

Blood Moon looks like it was taken straight out of an MMORPG. The color scheme is excellent and it is often regarded by many as Catalyst’s best skin in Apex Legends.

Legacy of the Ancients

Catalyst Skins - Apex Legends

Legacy of the Ancients has a desert-themed color palette.  She has a different outfit and it looks a lot similar to the Violet Sands skin.

Violet Sands

Catalyst Skins - Apex Legends

Violet Sands is an alternative version of the Blood Moon skin with a completely different color palette. Catalyst’s hair color is also different in this skin in case you do not like the white hair in Blood Moon.

Celestial Protector

Catalyst Skins - Apex Legends

Catalyst has a great black and red hairstyle and her outfit matches her standoffish personality shown in Apex Legends.

Suns Up

Catalyst Skins - Apex Legends

Suns Up is part of the Catalyst skin bundle. It is not a craftable skin and you will need to shell out Apex Coins to purchase it. It is a change of pace from her Moon-themed skins and has a very contrasting color scheme. 

To know more about Catalyst, her abilities, and how to play her, check out our comprehensive Catalyst guide. You can also check out our guide to hosting private games in Apex Legends.

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