How to Create and Play Private Matches in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends Custom Games

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Apex Legends now allows players to host their own custom games and play with their friends.
The feature is similar to the tournament client of Apex Legends that was accessible only to competitive players and content creators.
There are also custom rules that you can set which can make the game a lot more fun.

With the release of the Apex Legends Season 15 Spellbound event, we now have custom games that anyone can hop in to. The feature was previously available to esports players and content creators only. But now, anyone can host a private match in Apex Legends and have fun with their friends. Here’s how you can set up a private match in Apex Legends and have others join your custom lobbies.

How to create and play private matches 

Launch Apex Legends and head to the game mode selection menu on the bottom left. You will notice that there will be a Public Match and Private Match option depending on whether you want to get into matchmaking or want to play a private game. There is a “Create Game” option that allows you to set up your own lobbies.

As soon as you create a game you will receive a game code by clicking on the Reveal button which you can then share with other players. If you want to join other players’ lobbies, you will need to use other players’ join codes to play in those lobbies. 

Private lobbies allow you to set whichever map you want to play in which is the biggest advantage of having the feature. Sometimes, map rotations aren’t what you want them to be and you can set up your own games. Unfortunately, not everyone has dozens of friends who will be up for playing at the same time so you can use looking for group (LFG) websites.

Apex Legends LFG features are not available in-game and it is something Respawn Entertainment should consider adding. The only way to team up right now is by adding your teammates after a game using the “Invite to Party” option that shows up in the lobby.

The easiest way to find a group is by using the Apex Legends Discord server. There are channels within the server that allow you to team up based on your region and use the voice channels to play it.

Apex Legends Official Discord:

There are also third-party sites like: which are more customizable and you can choose your preferred language, age group, and other details to find like-minded players who will be up for private matches in Apex Legends.

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