Here is how to get the Apex 101 badge in Apex Legends.


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How to Get Apex 101 Badge in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends has added Welcome challenges for new players to get a hang of the basics.
Here is how to get the Apex 101 badge in the game.

As part of the latest Apex Legends update for the Spellbound Collection Event, Respawn Entertainment decided to add a number of additional challenges for players to complete. The Welcome Challenges are designed to help new players get a hang of the game’s many mechanics. These are also a good refresher for existing players who want to get in more practice on the basics. Players will need to complete all 10 Welcome Challenges to get the Apex 101 badge. Here are the challenges you need to complete to get the Apex 101 badge.

Apex 101 badge challenges

There are a total of 10 challenges you’ll have to complete to earn the Apex 101 badge. These challenges are common and available for all players. Here is a list of the 10 Welcome Challenges:

  • Restore 200 health

  • Slide three times

  • Deal damage with ordnance

  • Swap your armor for one of higher tier

  • Survive to the top 5 squads

  • Break down 3 doors with melee attacks

  • Use a phoenix kit 

  • Take an item from a Care Package (does not include Lifeline Care Packages)

  • Get a kill from over 100m

  • Win as the champion squad

Most of these challenges are pretty intuitive for veteran players. For newer players who may not be too familiar, ordnances are explosives and projectiles that can be thrown to deal damage. There are different types of ordnances available in Apex Legends; Frag Grenades, Arc Stars and Thermite Grenades. 

Completing all 10 challenges will reward players with the Apex 101 badge. You can see the progress made for each challenge by navigating to ‘Seasonal’ tab, then ‘Challenges’ and the ‘Welcome to Apex’ tab on the top. Once you get the badge, you can equip the Apex 101 badge on any Legend by going to the ‘Legends’ tab and ‘Banners’ and then ‘Badges’ and equipping it in one of the available three slots.

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