There are two main types of Ordnances in Apex Legends


What Are Ordnances In Apex Legends And How To Use Them

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Ordnances are throwables that deal damage in a certain radius after a set timer.
There are two types of Ordnances, ones that can be used by all Legends and those that are Legend specific.

Ordnances are explosives and projectiles that can be thrown to deal damage to enemies in a specific area. There are different types of ordnances available in Apex Legends, each with their own detonation times and damage ticks. Ordnances can be found in Supply Bins, Loot Ticks or scattered randomly throughout various maps. They deal damage to all in a specific area or those who go across it for Thermite Grenades. Wattson’s ultimate ability Interception Pylon can destroy all ordnances thrown in its direction, including Legend specific ones like Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher, Rolling Thunder’s airstrike, Fuse’s Motherlode and Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade. We look at the different types of Ordnances in Apex Legends.

Wattson's Ultimate Interception Pylon (in the background) blocks Ordnances thrown in a certain radius. 

Ordnances in Apex Legends

There are two main types of ordnances in the game. Ordnances like Frag Grenades, Arc Stars and Thermite Grenades can be used by all Legends in the game. These are found in Supply Bins and as loot scattered across the map. These consume one slot in your backpack for each Ordnance. Fuse’s Grenadier passive allows him to carry upto 2 in a single backpack slot. These Ordnances can also be used to open Explosive Holds on Kings Canyon to access more weapons and ammo. These include:

Frag Grenade

Frag Grenades are a throwable ordnance that explodes after a 4-second delay. These deal an impact damage of 10 and up to 100 explosion damage in an eight meter radius upon landing, with a 2.4 m inner radius. Frag Grenades destroy doors and can bounce off surfaces and roll around before detonating.

Thermite Grenade

Thermite grenades leave a six meter wall of sparks that damage anyone who stand on or pass through it. The wall of sparks is perpendicular to the direction it was thrown from and deals 4 damage per tick when standing in the flames. It also applies an over-time burn effect that deals a total of 25 damage. Thermite grenades can be used to increase the fire rate of the Rampage LMG.

Arc Star

Arc Stars are a shuriken-like throwable ordnance that deal 10 impact damage and up to 70 explosion damage in an 8.75 m explosion radius, with a 1.8 m inner radius after a 3-second timer. They also slow and cause blurred vision to those hit for up to 5 seconds depending on distance from the detonation radius. Arc stars will latch onto whatever they are thrown at, including Legends.

Legend Exclusive Ordnances

Certain Ordnances can only be used by specific Legends. Bangalore’s Tactical ability is called Smoke Grenade which allows her to create a smokescreen that breaks line of sight for 23 seconds. Her ultimate ability called Rolling Thunder calls in an artillery strike. The missiles land first and then explode in line after 6 seconds slowing down movement and reducing visibility for anyone caught in it. Gibraltar’s Ultimate ability Defensive Bombardment marks a 24-meter radius around it for a mortar strike. Explosives continuously rain down on the area for 6 seconds, dealing 40 damage per hit and shell-shocking players. Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade lasts for 15 seconds, blanketing a large area with Nox gas. Fuse has two Ordnances, his Tactical ability, Knuckle Cluster sticks to a surface or enemy and explodes with multiple mini-explosions after 1.5 seconds.

Fuse’s ultimate The Motherlode explodes above the ground and spills fire bombs which hit the ground, creating a ring of fire for 17 seconds. Enemies that pass through the flames are dealt 35 damage and are lit on fire, causing a 5 second burn effect that slows the player. Enemies inside the ring are also revealed to Fuse and his team.

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