TNC was harassed by Chinese Dota 2 Fans at TI 9 says Tims

TNC was harassed by Chinese Dota 2 Fans at TI 9 says Tims

Nishant Patel
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Chinese Dota 2 fans at The International 2019 have allegedly heckled and harassed TNC Predator at the main event. Earlier we reported about how TNC Predator was the only team at the tournament whose entrance at the opening ceremony was met with booing rather than cheers. However, it appears that this is not the only unwelcome gesture that the Filipino players have had to deal with while at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai.

After their loss to Liquid earlier today where they were eliminated from the tournament, TNC's support player Timothy John 'Tims' Randrup took to Twitter to state that they were followed to their suite room and were shouted at and abused. 

Tims goes on to state that he hopes the Chinese community will forgive his friend Kuku and move on.

Last November, two Dota 2 players from the Philippines, Carlo “Kuku” Palad and Andrei “Skem” Ong, were the centre of a racism controversy after they used a slur term targetted towards Chinese people in their respective matches. Kuku's circumstance was made worse after his manager used his Weibo account to post a false defence cum apology statement. Subsequently, Kuku was banned from participating in the Chonqing Major by Valve and TNC was fined 20 per cent of their DPC points. He was also prevented from attending the WESG 2018: World Finals. Despite these and a few other repercussions, it is evident that the Chinese Dota 2 community is still furious over the incident.

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