Kuku banned from competing in the WESG 2018: World Finals

Vignesh Raghuram

11o, Feb, 2019

Kuku will reportedly not be allowed to compete in the WESG 2018: World Finals which will be held at Chongqing, in March 2019, as part of the Filipino contingent. The Chinese government has banned the Filipino player from entering Chongqing to compete in this event.

In a statement released to, the organizers of WESG: 2018 have confirmed that the player cannot compete in the World Finals.



The Chongqing Major Ban

Late last year, Kuku was banned from the Chongqing Major by Valve after he made a few inappropriate comments in a public match. The Chinese Dota 2 community started clamouring for Valve to take some action against Kuku.

TNC later confirmed that they reprimanded Kuku, with a massive fine amidst allegations that stated that the Chongqing government would ban Kuku from the 2nd major of the season. Following which, Valve came forth and clarified that they will ban Kuku from the Chongqing major and dock points from TNC Predator for not handling this amicably. Kuku took a break from competitive Dota 2 and finally made his return to the Dota 2 circuit earlier this month.

It should also be noted that TNC Predator dropped out of the ESL One: Hamburg 2018 after qualifying for the event to focus on WESG 2018. Unfortunately, TNC Predator might have to attend the event with yet another standin.

With TI9 being hosted in China, the Dota 2 community is also becoming sceptical about whether Kuku will be allowed to compete in the event if TNC Predator manages to qualify for it.