Chinese team refuses to practice with an SEA team after Kuku’s inappropriate comment

Vignesh Raghuram

2o, Nov, 2018

Image sourced from Liquipedia

Following the controversy involving inappropriate comments made by Andrei ‘Skem’ Ong earlier yesterday at the Dreamleague season 10 Minor, another post surfaced on reddit showing TNC Predator superstar Carlo "Kuku" Palad using the same exact slur in a Pub game.

Following these comments, Director of Events & Business Development at MarsMedia - Dimitri “GodBlessMali” Vallette tweeted that “A Chinese team” will no longer scrim against “a team from Southeast Asia” after one of the players used the derogatory term “Ching Chong” in a Pub game.


He also added that the activity of using racist terms and then later apologising needed to stop.


At the time of writing this, Carlo "Kuku" Palad and the TNC organization are yet to make a statement regarding this issue.

Update: Our readers have pointed out that Kuku has already made an apology on his personal Facebook account.