This Custom Map Turns CS:GO Into Rocket League


CSGO Kart - This Custom CS:GO Map Turns Counter-Strike Into Rocket League

Rocket League, but in CS:GO, with weapons, up to six players!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A new custom CS:GO map 'CSGO Kart I' has gone viral across the community as it turns Counter-Strike into Rocket League.
Players literally spawn as vehicles with guns and try to score points while also shooting at each other.
This CS:GO mod followed a 'Capture The Flag' gameplay format and a maximum of six players can play it together.

Valve has given a free hand to its abundantly creative community to create anything and everything, which often leads to really exciting skins, maps, and even heavily moded versions of other games like Among Us.

Another such modded CS:GO map which is going absolutely viral is the 'CSGO Kart 1' that literally transforms Counter-Strike into Rocket League, with weapons and an option to play with up to six players.

It has been created by designers - Squink from South Africa and Luke "lmtlss" Millanta from Australia, who is a ‘Guinness World Record’ attaining content creator having made popular custom maps like Dust II077, Mirage 2077, Overpass 2077, Train 2077, and Nuke 2077.

This modded CS:GO map 'CSGO Kart I' changes Counter-Strike into Rocket League

For all those players that like to play both CS:GO and Rocket League, they can now enjoy both the games under one roof getting a taste of the two titles at the same time.

CSGO Kart alters the whole gameplay experience of CS:GO by spawning players as vehicles with a gun in front of them to shoot from. Divided into two teams - T and CT, players have to use the vehicles to hunt down their opponents, while trying to score points, by following a 'capture the flag' type of gameplay format.

According to the creators, players can attack by firing rockets, they can also jump around the map, and when airborne the vehicles also have the ability to slam down on the ground.

Using this action of slamming down allows players to both - capture the opponents flag from their base and successfully retrieve it back to their base.

Players can enjoy the game solo or with a maximum of up to six players. The map is unique and looks quite futuristic along with other design elements, which makes it seem even more interesting.

CSGO Kart - Map Layout

The game has gone viral across the community, earning a lot of praise for providing such a unique gameplay experience in CS:GO. This custom map can never become an official addition to the game by Valve but all those interested can try it out for free by downloading it from the Steam Community Workshop.

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