The 5 Most Unique Custom Maps in CS:GO

The 5 Most Unique Custom Maps in CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • There are a lot of custom CS:GO maps out there that are truly unique as they offer a different design, unusual gameplay, or special features.
  • Here is a collection of 5 most unique custom CS:GO maps that you should definitely tryout at least once.
  • The collection consists of maps made for playing 'Among Us' in CS:GO, recreation of a popular fortress from Witcher, and other such truly amazing maps.

CS:GO has a lot of unusual and unique maps that not many players know about. Most of them are special in their design aspect, some in what they have to offer as a game mode, and then there are a few rare ones that allow users to enjoy a completely different game within CS:GO itself. These maps are only possible because of the open nature that the game enjoys and freely available tools which the public can utilise, transforming their thoughts into reality. Do keep in mind that 99.99 % of the custom maps remain unofficial forever, but that does not take away their credibility or how useful they can be for the CS:GO community as a whole.

Here is a list of some of the most unique CS:GO maps that you might have ever come across as a player. Some offer brilliant gameplay, some are amazing recreations from other places, and some are altogether a different game based on the ‘Source Engine’.

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5 Most Unique CS:GO Maps


Popular CS:GO map creator ‘UselessMouth’ along with a few other creators has made a hostage rescue map with quite the twist. The map called ‘Rift’ takes the usual hostage rescue concept and throws it out the window, replacing it with some helicopter-based action.

The one of a kind map follows a rare concept where CT-sided players have to rescue hostages, and then deliver them to a randomized rescue zone where a helicopter will extract them. While the T-sided players have to stop them at all costs and take down either the 2 players or the hostages being rescued.

Originally, the map was designed for only Wingman game mode but due to the popularity that the map has received, players can now play any game mode of their choice on it. 

Kaer Morhen

The majestic ‘Kaer Morhen’ fortress from the popular video game series ‘The Witcher’ has been recreated for CS:GO by a very talented map creator ‘ZelezoBeton’ from Slovakia. The map might not be an exact scaled replica of the original fortress but it has been created really well, with minimal changes to the main castle and everything within.

Most of the map texture has been inspired by another popular CS:GO map ‘Cobblestone’ which is pretty evident after taking just one look at the map. Players can go ahead and enjoy all the basic game modes that CS:GO has to offer on the map, but its specialty lies in the fact that it has been specifically developed keeping in mind an ‘Among Us’ themed game mode called TTT (Trouble in T Town).

“Map includes 2 traitor traps (stairs and zipline) and 4 teleports around the map to get into traitor room. The traitor room is more like a connector for teleports than a camping spot. For both, you need to have a TTT plugin that allows traitors to use locked doors that contain the word traitor.”

Among Us - Palace

This is hands down the heights of creativity and some serious hard work has been put in by ‘3x1S7’ and ‘Cybershoke’ to create a realistic version of ‘Among Us’ in the ‘Source Engine’. Players can literally play the actual game within CS:GO itself, with the same game objectives but in 3-D with a first-person view rather than the tabletop angle.

The creators have successfully ported the entire game of Among Us over to the Source engine, making it possible to play it in first-person within CS:GO, while also creating a custom map called ‘Palace’ dedicated to this game mode. 

The huge map is a Russian palace where only ‘Among Us’ game mode can be played specifically. The map includes an outdoor fountain area, quite a big backyard, an indoor swimming pool, a cellar area, grand hallways, an indoor auditorium, and even a common outdoors starting area for ‘emergency meetings’. Every aspect of this map has been designed keeping in mind that it is specifically made for the ‘Among Us’ game mode.


If you are an Indian, there is no chance that you have never heard of the ‘Gokuldham Society’. This map has been made by a creator named ‘Aero’ and is based on a super popular fictional Indian Television show called ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’.

The well-known Indian sitcom has been running since 2008 and this is definitely one of the most accurately designed custom maps in CS:GO. There are not a lot of Indian creators, so when one of them steps up to create something this iconic it definitely deserves a big thumbs up.

This map is focused on the ‘Gokuldham Society’ where the main crux of the show revolves around. Everything from the texture to the colours is spot on, and just one look at the map is enough to figure where it has been inspired from. 

But despite being a fan-made map, it has been made quite well with intricate designs that promote strategic gameplay and make this map viable enough for players to compete on. The gaming community has showered this submission with a lot of rewards on the Steam Workshop, and despite being a very India centric map design it can definitely be enjoyed by anyone.

Playable Guitar

As the name suggests this special CS:GO map called 'Playable Guitar' allows users to simply play the guitar within Counter-Strike. The whole purpose of this custom map is to offer something very different and truly unique to the user, it offers a different kind of gameplay experience all within CS:GO itself.

The backdrop has been inspired by the popular first-person shooter game series called ‘S.T.A.L.K.E.R.’ In the background, players can see 2 stalkers sitting near a bonfire and the objective of the game is for you to play the guitar.

The controls of the game are inspired by the buy menu of the classic CS:GO game, allowing users to fine-tune the guitar settings as required by them. The game has won a few rewards, but this is a really interesting concept and goes on to show the creativity of the map creator ‘DepoSit’.

These are some of the most unique custom CS:GO maps that are currently available in the Steam Workshop. All of them are readily downloadable and can be enjoyed within CS:GO itself. All 5 maps presented above are totally different from each other in terms of design, gameplay, and different features it offers. Do check them out once and hope you enjoy playing them!

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