CS:GO Map Designer Creates Cyberpunk 2077 Version of Dust 2

Aditya Singh Rawat
10/Dec/2020 07:32 am

Map designer creates Cyberpunk 2077 themed version of the iconic CS:GO map Dust 2.
The map is set at night time with rain pouring down across the map.
Two more maps Overpass and Nuke might also receive similar makeovers.

Cyberpunk 2077 which released earlier today has been the most highly anticipated video game this year, with it being all the rage a CS:GO map designer has come up with a stunning Cyberpunk 2077 themed version of the iconic Dust 2.

The Guinness World Record attaining content creator Luke Millanta who goes by the name of ‘lmtlss’ on Steam is the map designer who has made this fantastic map called ‘Dust II077’.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Version Of CS:GO Map Dust 2

After creating a Cyberpunk2077 version of Mirage called ‘Mirage 2077’ the same designer has now come up with a futuristic-looking Dust 2. The map which is set at night time with rain pouring down on its dusty streets is quite similar to the Mirage remake which was released a few days back. 

This time and weather setting adds on to the overall look of the map and is a necessity in order to make the lighting on the map stand out, which would otherwise fade away under normal daytime conditions. Some clear observations one can make by the photos of the Cyberpunk 2077 themed Dust 2 are as follows,

  • The small shops and buildings all over the map have been restructured to give a more modern feel to it with neon signboards and hoardings being placed on top of them.

  • The streets and alleyways look shadier and feel like part of a city rather than that of a village. These positions have been provided with some sort of light source around them to illuminate the area and subtle additions like a garage on the side walls really add on to the whole look.
  • A few vehicles have been placed on the map to fill up some vacant spaces and though this is a great aesthetic upgrade how it would impact the gameplay on the map is uncertain at this point.

  • The periphery of the map is not open and vacant instead it has been closed down with high-rise buildings to give players a feel that the whole setup is in the middle of a city.

  • The area around the ‘B-Site’ and areas from ‘Mid’ leading up to it gives off a jail or warehouse kind of a setting which is quite different from how the ‘A-Site’ and the area around it looks like.

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Overall the map is absolutely stunning but in my personal opinion, the Mirage remake on the Cyberpunk 2077 theme still takes the cake. The Dust 2 version on its own is beautiful but when compared to the Mirage redesign one can notice the subtle differences that give the latter a slight edge.

Luke is not done yet though as he plans on creating similar Cyberpunk 2077 versions of two more CS:GO maps Overpass and Nuke. It will be interesting to see how those maps look with the redesign, but the one that would really interest me is a Vertigo remodel.


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