How to Play The New Source Version of ‘Among Us’ in CS:GO

How to Play The New Source Version of ‘Among Us’ in CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • A new 'Among Us' game mode has been released for CS:GO by a Russian website called 'Cybershoke'.
  • This new game mode is basically 'Among Us' ported over to the Source engine and played in CS:GO.
  • It is currently not available on the 'Steam Workshop' and is exclusive to the 'Cybershoke' website with servers based in Germany.

The online multiplayer phenomenon ‘Among Us’ that took the world by storm can now also be enjoyed in CS:GO and to say the least, it looks pretty good. There is a mod similar to ‘Among Us’ called ‘Trouble in Terrorist Town’ (TTT) which already used to exist for CS:GO, but this new version is on a totally different level as it has been made by porting the complete game over to the Source engine.

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Among Us In CS:GO Is Now A Reality

The game which was originally developed in 2018 by Innersloth skyrocketed to monumental heights last year in 2020, with a report stating that the game had roughly 500 million players worldwide as of November last year.

This immediately had an impact on the CS:GO community also, as more users started talking about the ‘TTT’ mod for the game. Though the mode was enjoyable in itself, players were still playing as CT and T characters on unfamiliar maps which made the whole experience quite lacking.

Well to provide a more fulfilling experience, a Russian website called ‘Cybershoke’ has ported ‘Among Us’ over to the Source engine making it possible to play the game in the first-person mode within CS:GO. Unfortunately, this game mode is not available in the ‘Steam Workshop’ at the moment as free downloadable content to be enjoyed on private servers for free.

It is currently a special game mode on ‘Cybershoke’ and can only be enjoyed through its platform. It is a new custom mode which is slowly catching on with the CS:GO community, right now all available servers for this game mode seem to be located in Germany which means players from all over the world cannot enjoy the game properly for now.

A few screenshots of how the game looks in CS:GO have been shared by ‘u/ItsMeCall911’, and we can notice how beautiful everything looks compared to the table-top view which we usually get with the 2D graphics.

Popular North American CS:GO Twitch streamer Erik "fl0m" Flom is one of the first ones to play the game live on his stream and his overall feedback was quite positive, he seemed to have had a good time playing it while thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

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