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Dorjee is an avid Dota enthusiast, he has been playing the game since it was just a map in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne back in 2009, he transitioned to Dota 2 in 2014 and can't stop playing ever since!

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Chinese Dota 2 Legend Ame Returns to Pro Play, Signs with Xtreme Gaming

4 hours ago
Ame returns to Dota 2 with Xtreme Gaming

Tundra Esports Announces New Roster Ahead of ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023

7 hours ago
Tundra Esports unveils its new Dota 2 Roster for ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023

Biggest Russian Dota 2 Streamer Nix Says CS2 Offers Better Entertainment

a day ago
Nix compares CS2 and Dota 2

ESL Releases True Sight-Like Documentary For Berlin Major 2023

2 days ago
ESL One released a documentary styled video recapping Berlin Major

Post TI12 Roster Shuffle Tracker: Offseason's Biggest Dota 2 Transfers

2 days ago
Dota 2 roster changes post TI12

G2 Esports Steps into the World of Dota 2

2 days ago
G2.iG: The new partnership between G2 Esports and Invictus Gaming

Gorgc Says Esports Is Dying

4 days ago
Gorgc says esports is dying

Cr1t- Reminisces About His First Pro Game & Grand Stage Interview

4 days ago
Cr1t- shares his Dota 2 experiences in a Pinnacle 25 Year Anniversary Show interview

BOOM Esports Lets Go of its South American Dota 2 Roster

5 days ago
BOOM Esports disband itsnewly formed Dota 2 roster

Gorgc says Faker’s Tournament Earnings are Equal to a Noob’s in Dota 2

5 days ago
Gorgc on Faker's earnings

Dota 2 Caster Cap Jokingly Reveals Frostivus Release Date

5 days ago
Frostivus Dota 2 Christmas event returns in 2023

TSM Parts Ways with Dota 2 Team

6 days ago
TSM releases its Dota 2 roster

Dyrachyo Opens Up About TI12 Final Loss and Team's Resilience

6 days ago
Dyrachyo Opens Up About TI12 Final Loss and Team's Resilience

SUNSfan and Jenkins Announce New Game 'Relic Arena', a Successor to Ability Arena

6 days ago
SUNSfan and Jenkins announce new standalone game, Relic Arena

Hoboharry Accused of Stalking and Harassment

6 days ago
Rosvida_ accuses Hoboharry of stalking and harrassment

Faith_bian Confirms He Won’t Come out of Retirement

7 days ago
Faith_bian at PGL Arlington Major

Invictus Gaming Player JT- Proposes to CN Dota 2 Commentator, Yuno

7 days ago
Invictus Gaming player, JT- Proposes to Girlfriend, Yuno

MinD_ContRoL stack, The dudley boys send Team Falcon to the lower bracket at Pinnacle: 25 Year Anniversary Show

7 days ago

Thorin Bashes Esports Awards, Questions Why Team Spirit Was Not Nominated

9 days ago
Thorin Bashes Esports Awards for Exclusion of Team Spirit

Dendi’s Team B8 Wins Its First-Ever Tournament

9 days ago
Dendi's team B8's first ever tournament win