Who Is BGMI's GOAT Player? Top Indian Players & Their Strengths

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BGMI's GOAT India&nbsp;


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After a ten-month suspension, India’s favorite battle royale Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is all set to make its comeback very soon. According to Krafton’s official announcement, BGMI will soon be available for download on Android and iOS devices. Though this is a temporary unban for three months where the Government of India would monitor the game, this is still extremely exciting news for the players and fans of BGMI and its esports scene. 

With players eagerly waiting to catch their favorite pros dominating the battlefield and learn a thing or two, it is important to look up the best BGMI player in India or as we say “the BGMI's GOAT.

Some of the best BGMI players in India have always turned up big-time in important tournaments like BGMI Masters Series 2022, Villager Esports Winter Masters 2022, and Skyesports Grand Slam 2022, among other top tournaments. India takes pride in having a talented pool of BGMI players with each of them having their own unique skill sets, spread across different teams like GodLike Esports, S8UL Esports, TeamXSpark, and more.

Some of the biggest names in BGMI esports include JONATHAN, Mavi, Scout, Goblin, ClutchGod, and Saumraj. When someone talks about BGMI’s best player in India, most people mention JONATHAN since he is a proven consistent player who holds many records in the esport.

However, when it comes to crowning the best player in any game title, players should understand that it is very subjective and it encompasses many traits and attributes.

BGMI's GOAT: Who Holds This Title? 

In sports, we often use the term GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) to praise someone who is exceptional in their field or game. For instance, the League of Legends community hails T1’s mid-laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok as the GOAT and the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) community often refers to Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev as the GOAT of Counter-Strike.

In BGMI, there are a number of pro players who have carved a name for themselves in the esports scene, thanks to their achievements and records. It would not be an objective list if we just considered their winning record or their popularity alone. As a result, here are the best BGMI players when it comes to winning tournaments, helming their teams as the in-game leader (IGL), and those with the most fan-following.

Please note that the players mentioned in this article have not been ranked in any particular order.

1. JONATHAN: Consistent MVP

Jonathan "JONATHAN" Amaral has been at the pinnacle of BGMI esports since the start of his esports career. He is currently on the GodLike Esports roster and has been the recipient of several awards including most valuable player (MVP) since 2020. 

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In just BGMI Masters Series 2022, JONATHAN received a total of four accolades:

  • BGMI Masters Series Finals - MVP

  • BGMI Masters Series Week 1 - Damager

  • Masters Series Finals - Damager

  • BGMI Masters Series Week 3 - Eliminator

He was also named the MVP of other tournaments including Villager Esports Winter Masters 2022 and Skyesports Grand Slam 2022. 

Since 2020, JONATHAN has won over seven MVP awards across different tournaments in both BGMI esports and PUBG Mobile esports. 

As a result of his consistency, notable Indian personalities like Animesh “Thug” Agarwal and Naman “MortaL” Mathur, international PUBG Mobile stars like Bilguutei “Skryyy” Bayasgalan have often named JONATHAN as the BGMI's GOAT in India.

2. Mavi: The Best BGMI IGL in India 

Fans and players often call TeamXSpark’s Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh is known for his IGL skills. Fans call him the best IGL-cum-assaulter in the history of BGMI esports. He is revered by the Indian esports community for his spectacular track record as an IGL that earned him the title "Man with the Golden Hand.

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In July 2021, SouL, India’s biggest esports banner, announced that it was signing Mavi as the IGL of its star-studded roster, thus creating waves in the community. Following this, Mavi left SouL to start TeamXSpark. 

Mavi is famously known for his Zone prediction skills and rotation in-game. He is also unbeatable in close-range fights. It is often said that it is difficult to beat him in TDM (Team Deathmatch). 

In the past, Tanmay “ScoutOP” Singh has also conferred the title of “best BGMI IGL” on Sahil “Omega” Jakhar of Team SouL. During a watch party, he defended Omega from viewers and said, “Before the ban, I feel, based on the previous performance, Omega is the best BGMI IGL…The reason why Omega is here is that he is better than everyone else. So learn from everything he is saying.

3. MortaL & Scout: BGMI’s Magnetic Personalities

A player does not necessarily have to be a current pro to be called BGMI's GOAT. In all honesty, it could very well be someone with a charming personality and engaging, informative gameplay. In this category, we have considered BGMI personalities with the most subscribers on YouTube as a yardstick. 

MortaL has a staggering fan following on YouTube with almost 7 Million subscribers and also boasts 5.3 Million followers on Instagram. Notably, MortaL is the owner of Team SouL and he continues to play on the roster.

ScoutOP is also a prominent streamer in the Indian esports community who is closely affiliated with BGMI esports. He is often regarded as one of the best flankers and assaulters in the game. ScoutOP’s influence in the Indian gaming community cannot be overlooked as he is a trendsetter.

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Apart from the players mentioned above, some of the other big names in the BGMI scene are Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal, Vivek "ClutchGod" Horo, Suraj Nityanand "Neyoo" Majumdar, Saumya “Saumraj” Raj, and Sohail "Hector" Shaikh. 

Notably, ClutchGod has the highest total winnings in BGMI esports with a high figure of  70,46,368 INR or $85,230 USD (approximately).

Who is BGMI's GOAT?

If you highly value accolades and the sheer prowess of gunplay above all else, then it's only fitting for you to raise your hand and declare JONATHAN as BGMI's GOAT. With multiple MVP performances at top BGMI tournaments and a remarkable display of mechanical skill, JONATHAN is perhaps the finest India has showcased in the BGMI competitive scene.

But, if you place more value on the role of an in-game leader who has the ability to steer a team toward victory, Mavi stands out as one of the greatest players to have graced the game. With his strategic vision and incredible shot-calling, he has proved himself as BGMI's GOAT leader.

On the other hand, if you seek entertainment value in a player, MortaL undoubtedly shines as the best in the business. MortaL's entertaining personality, engaging content, and ability to captivate audiences have made him a superstar in the gaming community and perhaps the GOAT.

However, if you desire a player who encompasses all of these exceptional qualities: incredible gunplay, impressive strategic prowess, and entertainment, then Scout emerges as the ultimate BGMI GOAT. Scout's achievements in the game, his remarkable gunfighting skills, his natural leadership abilities, and his entertaining presence as a streamer have elevated him to a league of his own. 

Ultimately, the choice of the BGMI GOAT rests on personal preference and the specific qualities one values the most. Whether it is JONATHAN's accolades and pure gunplay, Mavi's leadership qualities, MortaL's entertainment value, or Scout's embodiment of all these aspects, each player has made a significant impact on the BGMI community and has rightfully earned their place among the very best in the game. All of them have a rightful argument to be called the GOAT.

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