PMPL South Asia Team Preview - Team Soul - Experience, Loyalty and Fan Power

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 14 Mar 2020, 07:35 PM

It’s hard to have a conversation about PUBG Mobile and esports in India without mentioning Team SouL and the homegrown brand have emerged as prime properties after capturing the hearts of Indian fans, or in this case, their souls. Ever since their win at PMIS in 2019, the squad has represented India in both PMCO Spring and Fall, proving time and again that they have an edge when it comes to high pressure environments, and relying on their experience to take them home. 

Despite losing Owais and Ronak in the second half of 2019, SouL finished second in the PMCO Fall South Asia qualifiers, surprising almost everyone. While their international performances are not as noteworthy, there is something about SouL when they play in India that makes them one of the most exciting teams to watch. They are definitely not the team with the most fragging potential, nor can they be called a team with excellent strategies and rotations, but what they have is something that can never be learnt or taught. This additional mentality, that has been the key behind SouL’s success is what I like to call the SouL factor and one can only hope that it will be on full display at PMPL South Asia. 

Featuring two of India’s most veteran players in MortaL and Viper, SouL have also enlisted the help of Regaltos and old friends, Aman and Sangwan. The roster on paper looks solid and carries themselves with the same sense of brotherhood and loyalty that SouL has built its brand on. With a ton of experience on their side, SouL’s real strength lies in being calm in high pressure situations and that is something they have proven time and again. 

A Team That Thrives on LAN has to Now Play Online

SouL are the kings of LANs in India as no matter the place, they are bound to be a team whose name rings the loudest. They have managed to turn this into one of their greatest strengths over the course of the last year but unfortunately, the currently ongoing COVID-19 situation means that the competition has been shifted online. How this affects the team’s morale and their results is hard to say, but it will definitely work against them in some ways. Fortunately though, the team is currently bootcamping together in Mumbai, and it is likely that they will be in the same house till the completion of the tournament.

The 5 Man Problem 

SouL have 5 players in their roster, which means that one person will have to sit out of most of the games. For now, Aman and Sangwan have been the two players who have had to sit out while Regaltos, Viper and MortaL are the mainstays. Choosing the correct 4 man roster will be imperative for SouL as it could be the make or break factor taking them to the next stage. Aman was the best player in the PMCO South Asia Qualifiers last season, while Sangwan recently won PMAS as a substitute with Fnatic. Both players have their strengths and weaknesses, and while Sangwan is a much more calculated and smart player whose utility usage and shot calling is top tier, Aman has the tendency to go off in games. Trying to use both players or even switching between players is not an ideal solution in PMPL as it generally means that a team isn’t sure of what to do and what their game plan is, therefore they need to decide what their roster is going to be as the games start. 

PMPL South Asia Team Preview - Team Soul - Experience, Loyalty and Fan Power

Both players bring a unique skillset to the table | Image via @ig_soul_aman and soul_sangwan

Never Say Die

However, the one thing still makes SouL one of the most beloved teams to watch is their never say die attitude. The team simply don’t give up even when the tides aren’t in their favour and are able to grind game after game and force things to go their way. We’ve seen this in the past in multiple LAN events and although not a LAN, I’ll hardly be surprised if i see it again. 

Player to watch out for: Naman ‘MortaL’ Mathur

PMPL South Asia Team Preview - Team Soul - Experience, Loyalty and Fan Power

MortaL is the linchpin of the SouL squad | Image via @ig_mortal 

The undisputed king of the Indian PUBG Mobile community, no one can doubt the impact MortaL has had on the game and the community. While a few doubt his skills in competitive PUBGM, MortaL has shown that despite his laid back fun loving attitude on stream, he can become a beast when the chips are down. Not necessarily the flashiest of players, MortaL relies on his experience and his medium range gun skills to dish out the pain. A jack of all trades, MortaL’s read of the game is fantastic and although it’s hard to see it in an actual game, it is something that has taken SouL to new heights in the past. Lookout for his signature heal battles in the final zone, a tactic that the team specializes in and something that you would not want to go up against when MortaL is on the field. 

Team SouL received a direct invite to PMPL South Asia and will compete in the league which is set to kick off on the 19th of March. Read more about the event and the other teams in our survival guide. 

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