PUBGM | SouL’s fate hangs in the balance as 3 players leave to form Team X

Shounak Sengupta
21/Aug/2019 09:11 am

Cover and thumbnail via: @Times of India

It seems as if India's most loved PUBGM team are in a rough spot as the players have had a tense few days with constant flip-flopping and are struggling to find a roster they are happy with. They might have represented the country at the PMCO Summer finals, but MortaL's departure soon after has now put SouL in an awkward place as the players are still undecided on what the rosters are going to be like.

Initially, it was decided that Sc0utOP from TeamIND would replace the departing MortaL, but amidst the pressure from fans and his natural aggressive nature, the decision quickly turned into a nightmare for Scout, whose behaviour on-screen reflected the same. At this time it was decided that Owais and Sc0ut would now try and form their own team leaving Viper and Ronak to fend for themselves.

However, yesterday, Ronak announced that he had decided to join Scout and Owais for his competitive ventures. The lineup comprises of Sc0utOP, Owais, Paritosh and Ronak who will play under the tag Team X, while Viper is still to decide which team he will play for. In fact, Viper has announced that he will not be playing in PMIT but will make a comeback for PMCO Fall.

It is unclear why the team decided to split and then reform but an educated guess would be that Scout didn't want to play under the SouL tag because of the expectation that he was MortaL's replacement. The lack of concrete decision making and the added pressure of reactions from fans and the community will certainly be on both SouL and Team X and one cannot help but imagine that a little bit of structure and proper management could have definitely helped the situation.


Let's hope that this unnecessary drama blows over quickly and all the involved parties and players can get back to focusing on their game. 


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