PMPL South Asia LAN Likely To Be Played Online Due to Coronavirus Scare

Shounak Sengupta
8/Mar/2020 03:04 pm

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has been something that has affected many around the world. From China locking down entire cities, to shops in Australia running out of toilet paper, the virus and the hysteria around it has definitely led to increasing drastic measures around the world. Esports was also affected amidst all of this with landmark events such as IEM Katowice being played without an audience. Closer to home, while LANs in SEA have been going smoothly, it seems as if PMPL South Asia will be one of the first events to be affected due to COVID-19.

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While no official confirmations have been made, it is looking increasingly likely that the event will have to be played out online. During his stream, Naman 'MortaL' Mathur refused to comment on the situation, saying that the community should wait for an official announcement before jumping to conclusions. Caster and personality, Ketan 'K18' Patel also explained the situation in detail via a vlog on his YT channel, however he too doesn't have official confirmation that the LAN has indeed been cancelled. 

While PUBG Mobile India hasn't made any public announcements yet, there were rumors that there was some internal communication that some of the players received regarding the situation. While it would be best to wait for an official announcement, at this point it seems as if that is just a formality. However while it would be unfortunate if the LAN can't be held, it is important to understand that it has been done to uphold the safety of players and all those who are attending. 

AFK Gaming reached out to a member of the NODWIN Gaming team, but they were unavailable for a comment. 


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