PMPL South Asia Revelaed To Be the Pro League With Highest Prize Pool - Dates, Format, Teams and Details Revealed

Shounak Sengupta
13/Mar/2020 08:44 pm

South Asia is one of the biggest regions when it comes to PUBG Mobile, both in terms of player base and esports audience and it seems as if that fact hasn’t gone unnoticed. Earlier today, the prize pool of PMPL South Asia was revealed to be 200,000 USD. In comparison, PMPL Indonesia has a prize pool of 146,000 USD, and PMPL Thailand and Malaysia+Singapore have a much lower prize pool. 

Despite many problems due to the currently ongoing COVID-19 situation, PMPL South Asia will take place online. Here’s what you need to know:

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The tournament features 20 teams in total. 5 teams - SouL, TSM-Entity, SynerGE, Team IND and Power House were directly invited. 9 other Indian teams have qualified via PMCO India. They are: Godlike, Orange Rock, Megastars, Team Tamilas, Marcos Gaming, Fnatic, UMumba Rxn, VSG Crawlers and Celtz. 

The 6 teams who have qualified via PMCO South Asia are: Hype, Instinct Esports, Jyanmaara, Deadeyes Guy, Team Xtreme and Elemntrix. Instinct Esports are the only side representing Bangladesh while the other 5 teams are from Nepal. 

You can find more information on the teams and the groups they have been put into here

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Dates, Format and Qualification

The competition will start on the 19th of March and go on till the 5th of April. This means there will be 3 gameweeks in total. Each gameweek will last a total of 4 days ie Thursday - Sunday. 

20 teams have been divided into 5 groups of 4 teams each. Each day of the game week will feature 5 matches, ie one team will sit out of one match each. This means that each team will play a total of 16 matches per week. 

There have been no plans for a Finals, as is the case for other PMPLs such as the ones running in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia+Singapore and Vietnam. Given the current COVID-19 situation a LAN finals seems unlikely, but we'll have to wait and see. This means that the top 5 teams after the league stage will move on to the PUBG MOBILE World League East Division. The distribution of the 200,000 USD prize pool has also not been mentioned as of now. 

PMPL South Asia will be streamed live on the official PUBG Mobile India YouTube Channel. 

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