Yawi and Dogie Heatedly Banter Ahead of MPL PH Season 10


Yawi and Dogie Heatedly Banter Ahead of MPL PH Season 10

John Dave Rossel
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Yawi and Dogie heatedly banter with each other amidst the hype surrounding the upcoming MPL PH Season 10.
Yawi warned Dogie that he needs to be sure about returning as a pro player or else he would regret it.
Dogie responded by saying that Yawi owed him and should be grateful as he took Dogie's spot at Nexplay Esports back then.

As fans eagerly wait for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10, a heated banter between two pro players has started circulating in the community. ECHO’s star roamer Tristan "Yawi" Cabrera took a shot at Nexplay EVOS’ Setsuna "Dogie" Ignacio for returning as a pro player. Dogie also responded with his own statement saying Yawi should be grateful for the opportunity he was given.

While the banter seemed heated, fans should take note that the two pro players are good friends and are also former teammates.

MPL PH Season 10 Pre-Season gets heated with banter between former teammates Yawi and Dogie

On the official TikTok page of the MPL PH, Yawi made a statement regarding his mentor Dogie returning as a pro player.

“For Boss D who is returning as a pro player, make sure you’re serious with your decision or maybe you’ll regret it in the end,” Yawi stated, in a joking manner.

Following this statement, Dogie slapped back at Yawi with his own retort . “I won’t have regrets. I mean, he [Yawi] owes me and he should be grateful because my spot at Nexplay back then, I gave it to him. I gave it because I saw him always crying in the living room.”

He added that “Every tournament we lost, he would cry so I felt pity and gave my spot and I said ‘ok, it’s your turn, I’ll make my own team’ but normally I was supposed to be in his spot.”

ECHO’s star roamer was formerly a part of the renowned “Big Three” composed of Renejay "RENEJAY" Barcase John "H2WO" Paul Salonga and Yawi.

When Nexplay accepted a partnership with Indonesia’s powerhouse team EVOS Esports, the team rebranded to Nexplay EVOS with Dogie acting as one of the coaches for Season 9 before deciding to return as a pro player in the upcoming season.

With Dogie back on the pro scene as a player, it shall be most interesting to see if he still has the capability of competing with other veteran pro players and promising rookies in the upcoming MPL PH Season 10.

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