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EVOS Esports Partners With Nexplay Esports

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Nexplay Esports finally revealed its partnership with one of the biggest Indonesian esports organizations, EVOS Esports.

Nexplay Esports revealed its partnership with one of the biggest Indonesian esports organizations, EVOS Esports ahead of the MPL PH Season 8.During the live stream, Renejay “RENEJAY” Baracarse, John Paul “H2wo” Salonga, and Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera were presented as part of the roster indicating that they will stay together for the upcoming season. During this event, another teaser revealing that three mystery players would be joining them was also showcased.

Nexplay EVOS will announce its full roster next week. Below are more details regarding the Nexplay EVOS collaboration.

Nexplay EVOS Officially Announced

During a live stream on June 19, 2021, Nexplay Esports officially announced its partnership with Indonesian Esports Organization EVOS Esports, called Nexplay EVOS.

Gabriel Benito, Founder and CEO of Nexplay Esports, called the partnership "one of a kind." He went on to talk about how the partnership came together.

"We’ve been communicating for more than a year already, planning on things on how we can work together. During the pandemic, we were finding ways to collaborate with each other and we believe that this is the right opportunity to work on something big."
Gabriel Benito

Additionally, he indicated that the two organizations would use their combined resources to develop the esports scene in the region.

“Not just in esports, but also on the talent side, sharing branding and sharing opportunities to one another. I don’t want to reveal too many things, but watch out for the things we are launching."
Gabriel Benito

Following this, Hartman Harris, co-founder of EVOS also stated that this was the right time for the Indonesian Organization to return to the Philippines.

“We definitely left the Philippines with a heavy heart, believe that. We (then) stumbled upon Nexplay (and) we knew that we have found the right partner, with the right people, with the right match. We are super glad with everything that we talked about, so we’re here with Nexplay. We’re taking over the Philippines definitely and beyond.”
Hartman Harris

Lineup for MPL PH Season 8 to be revealed next week

Nexplay and EVOS partnered to form a new team called Nexplay EVOS.

Nexplay also teased their new roster for the upcoming MPL PH Season 8 in this event. The promo featured Renejay “RENEJAY” Baracarse, John Paul “H2wo” Salonga, Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera and Setsuna “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio indicating that the 'Big Three' will likely be playing in Nexplay, next season.

Akosi Dogie served as the team’s head coach during MPL PH Season 7. The organization stated that the full roster for the upcoming MPL PH Season 8 will be announced next week. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for the big reveal.

Akosi Dogie stated that he might be handling the Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) division of Nexplay EVOS next season. MDL is a Mobile Legends tournament where esports players, both new and experienced, can show off their skills to steal the attention of Esports Organizations and potentially recruit them.

Nexplay had a pretty solid run in the MPL PH Season 7. However, they had a rough start at the playoffs after being defeated by Work Auster Force, putting them in seventh-eight place in the overall rankings.

Akosi Dogie Achievements

A few days after the MPL PH Season 7, Nexplay released one of their veteran support player Dexter “Exort” Martinez. However, the fate of the two other players, James "Jeymz" Gloria and Lance "LanceCy" Cunanan, remains unknown.

With the partnership of Nexplay Esports and EVOS Legends, it would be interesting to see if Nexplay EVOS will be able to combine the fan following of the two organizations.

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