Blacklist International Is the Scariest MLBB Team in the World, Says Mirko


Blacklist International Is the Scariest MLBB Team in the World, Says Mirko

John Dave Rossel
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MPL ID caster Mirko thinks Blacklist international is a menacing team.
Mirko believes that Blacklist International is immune to the "M-World" curse that has plagued EVOS Legends and Bren Esports.
Fans believe that teams who win the M-World series events get this curse and lose their dominance in succeeding tournaments.

With the recent news of the return of Blacklist International’s iconic roster, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) Casters Frederick Handy "Mirko" Loho and Brydon "Arashi" Maslimta shared their thoughts on the team’s performance throughout its career. According to the casters, the Philippines (PH) based squad is the only team that is immune to the so-called “M-World” curse. Fans believe that teams who secure a championship title in any of the world championship events in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports are guaranteed to get this curse and lose their dominance in succeeding tournaments. This happened with EVOS Legends and Bren Esports who won the M1 and M2 World Championships respectively.

Blacklist International is a menace, according to MPL casters

On the second episode of the SarCast Podcast hosted by Mirko and Arashi, the two discussed Blacklist International’s success in securing a seed in the 14th International Esports Federation (IESF) World Esports (WE) Championship Bali 2022. According to Mirko, this proves that the M3 World Champions never lost their momentum despite some of its members going on a brief hiatus during the MPL PH Season 9.

“This is another big story because it basically proves that Blacklist, perhaps, is going to be the only team that is not impacted by the M-World curse,” says the MPL caster.

While Mirko admits that Blacklist International did fail during Season 9, he excuses the team since it didn’t have its complete championship roster. This was the time when its iconic duo Jonmar "OhMyV33NUS" Villaluna and Danerie "Wise" James Del Rosario decided to take a brief hiatus. However, with the squad back together, the team may have returned to its championship form.

“As an Indonesian, I don’t wanna see them as a menace. This is the scariest team in the world,” says Mirko.

He added that “when they [Blacklist International] go against Indo[nesian teams], it feels like they have no weakness. You can see weaknesses when they’re up against everyone else. Then, all of a sudden, they go against Indo, and they play perfectly.”

Blacklist International’s main five shall be competing in the 14th IESF WEC Bali 2022 alongside two amateur players from Maharlika esports. The squad shall also be making a major comeback in the upcoming MPL PH Season 10 which has hyped up a lot of fans. Blacklist International’s journey towards reclaiming its throne shall be an interesting story to follow.

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